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World of Warcraft soars into Dragonflight, and I’m clutching on

In any other previous era of World of Warcraft, an expansion like Dragonflight would’ve been an event, but it also would’ve stood on its own. I honestly feel bad for it (as much as one can feel bad for an impersonal video game) because whether Blizzard likes it or not, Dragonflight has to also shoulder the responsibility of course correcting an MMO that’s steered into mistakes, criticism, bad design, nasty studio politics, and pretty much all of the negative aura that’s bloomed around this title over the last four years.

That’s a WHOLE lot for one expansion to handle. Maybe if it was Wrath or Legion, it’d be up to the task of surpassing expectations and single-handedly righting what once went wrong. I fear that the best this one’s going to be able to do is steer WoW in a better direction and lay some foundation for a more enjoyable future.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing in and of itself. I fully anticipated Dragonflight to be a fun, accessible package, and so far, it’s been exactly that. It’s just not going to be the one thing that saves WoW overnight.

Anyway, this week Dragonflight launched with the typical Night One disasters. Obligatory “gee there were a whole lotta people on the dock that day!” shot. Snide “hey where’s the boat?” complaint.

Really, other than having to wait for that dumb boat for a half-hour, I had no problems. Went right over to the Dragon Isles, got into questing, even found a treasure early on.

Any MST3K shout-out is fine with me! And any humor is, too. I like it when WoW leans away from DRAMADRAMADRAMA all the time to inject some tongue-in-cheek gags and writing in its adventure. Makes me actually want to read the quest text.

If you only listened to most of the WoW websites or YouTube channels’ advice, it was imperative to rush-rush-rush your way through the opening night and first week to get to level 70, fully level up dragonriding, and accomplish a dozen other “must do” tasks for some reason. To keep up with everyone else? To get right to the endgame grind and grow bored of the expansion in week two? I dunno.

My approach for this, LOTRO’s recent expansion, and pretty much anything else new these days is to draw from years of observation and experience that rushing really doesn’t help anything. It’s far better to realize that this is a rare deployment of a huge amount of new content and to take time savoring and enjoying it. So what if you end up a week or even a month behind? You’ll be getting the last laugh as you’re not developing a hernia waiting for that next patch; you’ll still be having a pretty good time.


One thought on “World of Warcraft soars into Dragonflight, and I’m clutching on

  1. I’m still doing older content on a few of my Alts only because I want to experience Wow as much as possible. As for fast pace leveling. I don’t understand why they wanna do that just to complain at the end of having nothing to do, and having to grind out renown again.

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