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Lock ‘n’ load, New World!

Too much stuff happening in MMOs right now makes it hard to gain a lot of traction in any one game, but I’m giving it a fair go in New World. My greenhorn secured a rapier and blunderbuss, and is alternating between leveling them. The blunderbuss is more fun to use, but it’s hard to deny the rapid DPS of the thin sword.

It’s a game that’s quite easy on the eyes. Going into the first settlement, I got immediate housing envy as I’m still months and months away from having enough funds to buy my own place. But I would love to settle down here!

This game definitely throws off some Secret World vibes, especially when I think of New England and Transylvania. Lost, Filth, what’s the difference, really?

As I continued through Windsward’s quest chain, I experimented a bit with different loadouts and builds. If I do stick with the blunderbuss, I want to pump everything into strength and constitution for a while, and then deck myself out in heavy armor so I can be more of a literal tank.

Weapon experimentation continues. I gave the musket another try, mostly because it had the best stat synergy with rapier (both use DEX and INT). But aside from using it as a long-range opener, it’s not a very good weapon to wield in close quarters.

And honestly, I hate swapping between weapons in this game. It’s fiddly in a way that it shouldn’t be. Left click on the mouse should be the default attack of Weapon One, right click is Weapon 2. Numbers 1-3 on the keyboard are the first weapon’s special skills, numbers 4-6 are the second. Let the game flip between the weapons for you, I say.

I do like how some of the encounters can feel dangerous and desperate. In most MMOs, I don’t think much of alligator-type mobs. Here? One charging at you is like a dinosaur with a lethal mission, and I couldn’t backpedal fast enough.

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