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LOTRO: The swan conspiracy is afoot

Another week, another series of gradual explorations of Swanfleet — and hey, I found the swans! And the butt of a swan! Truly, a momentous occasion in Middle-earth.

I’ve gotten almost all of Swanfleet done, and I can’t think of any major criticisms of the zone. The quests are charming, the visuals are appealing, and there’s enough variety to keep me from getting bored. The only difference between this and the traditional newbie zones is a lack of “civilization.” There’s a human settlement and three hobbit villages, but even so it feels more wild and less of a place of living.

The Wadewater seems like a pretty cool place to kayak, if we had that option. As it is, my boar enjoyed splashing through the water and exploring the various small islands.

Reflections are cool! So far, the storyline in this zone is mostly about the gradual realization that Saruman may not be the nice guy he’s supposed to be — and how he’s been sending Uruks to seek out elvish knowledge from the region.

“Oh hey, Dark Lord, whatcha doing? Making some jewelry? Cool, cool. Want to hang later? Go get some grub?”


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