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World of Duckycraft

You know how I was bemoaning the effects of a gaming malaise earlier this week? Dragonflight did a whole lot to kick that feeling in the butt, thanks to a surprisingly fun launch week. A rising tide lifts all boats, etc., and I’ve found that my interest in other titles have picked up as well. I’m glad — I don’t like feeling like I’m going through the motions in any part of my life. But it may be time for a personal break at some point.

Anyway, Dragonflight! I’ve been taking my time going through the opening zone (after all, there are just four and no need to blitz through them). A slower pace also helps to adjust to the different tone of this expansion, which feels a little more adventurous and wild. I still don’t care one whit for the dragons — nor do I think the dev team does, considering how often they have to disguise the dragons as “normal” humanoids. I’m sure there’s a great lore reason for that, but I think the practical reason is that the devs know we don’t really connect with or care for giant lizards that are hard to tell apart.

One thing that’s also made itself clear early on: This expansion is all about the ducks. Blizzard’s shoved ducks in every corner of this expansion pack, from pets to headgear (see below) to quests. And yes, WoW’s version of ducks are pretty adorable and I would die for them if asked.

Once I got dragonriding, I put a pin in questing to max out all of my glyphs (as probably most do). I appreciate that this only had to be done once and benefits all alts. And I really don’t resent having done it, either, seeing as how it (a) got me acquainted with the zones, (b) uncovered the map, and (c) got me used to handling a dragon.

The flying is fun and I’m glad we have it on day one, but I do hope we’ll be able to bring in our regular fliers at some point. Not all of us want to stay on dragons forever, and sometimes landing them on specific spots while flying fast (say, when you’re farming nodes) is much trickier.

There are many head duckies, but this one is mine. Together we are unstoppable.

All in all, I’m quite on board with Dragonflight. I anticipate another month or so of normal questing/campaign questing before transitioning into endgame stuff (reputation tracks, dungeons, crafting, world quests). I’m also not going to touch alts until the new year, and even then, maybe not until spring. For now, I’ll enjoy the day-to-day and see what kind of legs this expansion has.

One thought on “World of Duckycraft

  1. It’s funny, I just noticed the duckness today too. I did the duck-hat thing last night, and then this morning I found a Plucky Ducky pet that I tried to capture, but ended up killing twice. 😀

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