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LOTRO: Returning to Treebeard

In under two weeks of doing a regular set of missions, my LOTRO Lore-master climbed from level 32 to 45 without much of a problem. Now it was time to break from straight-up missions to get back on the epic story track — after a few preparatory tasks. First, I needed to backtrack and kill a whole ton of lowbie goblins and spiders to fill out race deeds. Namely, I wanted the +2 hope skill, the emergency flop ability, and the extra Shire map travel. I’ve also been diligently looking at the auction hall every day to see if anyone’s listed the Tundra skin for the bog-guardian pet. I’d rather spend gold than mithril coins on that.

But I’m looking forward to Volume 2 questing without any distractions. For one thing, I need the gear. My hobbit’s still rocking level 32 stuff, since she wasn’t getting many new pieces from missions. I could shop on the auction hall, but why do that when a few quests will give it to you for free? And I am keenly interested to see how the quest flow goes when you’re only doing the epic.

The only piece of gear that I’m keeping on her for the extended future is the Stone of the Dwarf-Deeps. Yes, I’ll be sacrificing a pocket item slot to keep this equipped, but it’s worth it for that amazing 30-minute 8% run speed buff. Lore-masters don’t have any speed boosts, so this helps so much to get around on foot.

Even though the intro quests to Moria make me antsy because I want my legendaries now, darn it, I still really like the whole lead-up and story. There’s some great atmosphere between the eager dwarves and the ominous pool, and every time I see those silver doors, I get a bit of a shiver.

My bog-guardian’s face will never not make me laugh. He’s so weirdly cute and happy to be out and about killing things with bees.

Maybe it was the routine of doing one too many missions or a flight of fancy, but my attention gradually drifted back toward my Minstrel on the slow Treebeard server. Even though I haven’t logged into her for about four or five months, due to the rate of the server’s progression, I was only a mere 10 levels behind the curve. So I picked her back up on the tail of Mirkwood and started making my way toward Dunland and level 75.

And who doesn’t love the spidey quest in the Mirkwood epic? Other than arachnophobes, that is?

But after a string of those never-ending skirmishes, I wrapped up Mirkwood and started walking my way toward Enedwaith — and Dunland beyond.

It was good to arrive here, that’s for sure. Enedwaith’s always been one of my favorite zones of the game, even though it lacks a major setpiece. I guess I like the diversity and layout. Feels like a great wilderness realm.


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