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LOTRO: Playing alt-hopscotch

Last week’s roadmap for LOTRO didn’t change up things too greatly for me, although it certainly put to mind that we’ll be doing more high level adventures this year than lowbie stuff. Maybe — maybe — it prompted me to take my level 130 Lore-master out of storage to see how viable she is. I remember getting frustrated with how weak she and her pet felt.

We’re still waiting on that LM revamp, but in the meanwhile, she’s got the new Murder of Crows attack and a bunch of virtues brought up to snuff. I have a pile of LOTRO Points saved up, so I might even buy a race change and make her a Hobbit as a compromise. Or I should just keep saving up and buy that account-wide 78% mount speed increase that I’ve been eyeing for over a year now.

After that, I focused on playing my Minstrel on Treebeard as she went through Enedwaith. My current plan is to get her through all of Rise of Isengard’s content, maxing out the zone deeds as she goes, and then loop back and finish up deeds in past zones as I wait for the next expansion unlock. Kind of a completionist approach, but in reverse.

As my Minstrel is 68 and pretty much has her skills, build, and virtues locked in, I’ve turned my attention to working on her outfits. I have a much smaller wardrobe selection on Treebeard than I do on Landroval, and as a result, I only have maybe three outfits that I actually like wearing. So I’m definitely on the prowl for better pieces.

I really don’t get why some people dump on LOTRO’s visuals. For the sheer scope of this game world, it is often incredibly beautiful and believable as a place.

My desire to start up a new character to leisurely explore the game resulted in a mixture of the brand-new and comfortingly familiar. I rolled up a Stout-Axe Captain to mess around with — a new combination, even though it’s a class I’ve played quite extensively. But it’s been a very long time since I actually leveled up a Captain rather than continued one, and there’s something aesthetically pleasing about a burly dwarf charging into a camp with a loyal follower and a two-handed axe.

Hanging out with the bees at night under a full moon. What’s the worst that could happen?

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