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Elder Scrolls Online: Tentatively excited for Necrom

Any time Elder Scrolls Online dips into the steampunk arena, I’m there for it. I especially love the angry constructs and deeply wish that I had a class or skill line that was able to control them. That could be this year’s entire chapter — Give Syp Robots. I’d pay extra for that.

I’m continuing with a lot of Deshaan plague quests — honestly, they start running into one another after a while with little variations on the themes. But I do try to slow down every so often to appreciate the gorgeous little world design touches that are in this game, even so minute as the lighting coming in through stained glass.

This zone’s had some surprisingly good questlines with dashes of roleplay, detective solving, and choice making. ESO is a tad underrated for those qualities, I find.

Of course, last week we got the plan for 2023 in ESO. Namely, we’re heading back to Morrowind for a two-zone chapter called Necrom, getting the Arcanist class, and later on there’s going to be an “endless dungeon” to tackle. It all looks solid but not hugely exciting — much like previous ESO chapter. I’m all for adding more classes, but I also can’t see re-rolling right now. Honestly, I kind of wish they added some new skill lines and weapons, which would benefit all current classes.

I am glad we’re getting more story, although I do need to finish up something like three or four expansions and other base game content at my pokey pace. So my hype meter is low-to-middling, but I’m willing to hear (or experience) something to jack that up.


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