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The Outer Worlds: Making friends the old-fashioned way

I’m not the biggest fan of Monarch as a planet in The Outer Worlds for a few reasons. One, the aesthetic isn’t that interesting to me. Two, it goes on forever with multiple quest hubs and missions. Three, there is a lot of annoying terrain to navigate.

So I took a quick break to follow Nyoka’s companion quests. It’s so painfully obvious that this game is a thinly veiled fanfic of Firefly, and you don’t see that anywhere as clear as with the crew. Nyoka is a more drunk Zoe, Parvati is Kaylee, Vicar Max is Shepherd, and so on. I like Ellie and Nyoka for my constant companions.

Speaking of, I took a break from regular questing to work on each of my companions’ quests. They each get one, and those missions are generally worth doing for the story and rewards. With Nyoka, I helped her find the remains of her former crewmates and give them a proper burial. A bit sad, but as she said, she’s hopeful that she found another crew in the Unreliable.

And then I dropped space-acid with Max to help him come to some sort of greater realization about who he was in the grand scheme of things. And then I tried to eat my clothes.

I found Rizzo’s secret lab! What wonders will I plunders from here? Probably something very, very purple, I’m guessing.


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