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Thoughts on Marvel Snap after three months

It’s now been about three months since I first downloaded and got hooked on Marvel Snap. Since then, this mobile card game’s seen pretty regular play from me, particularly when I’m exercise biking in the morning or getting ready to head off to bed. And I’ve got to say, it’s really held up.

I love it because it’s not crazy complicated or requires attaining four copies of 24 different cards just to make a deck. You quickly get a good starter assortment of cards and then slowly build onto that with unlocks. I’m somewhere around collection level 1700, so I’ve got a nice well of cards to experiment with for decks. I’ve created seven or eight decks that I rotate through — two are loaded with general purpose, great-for-any-occasion cards; one’s all about boosting non-ability cards; one emphasizes ongoing abilities; and so on.

I don’t dominate, but I can comfortably say that I win more than I lose. Strategy is a huge part of the game, to be sure, but there’s a nice layer of bluffing and psyche-outs that lays on top of that. Trying to anticipate what your foe is going to do can make for delicious turn 5 and 6 reversals. There’s nothing better than the feeling of when an opponent snaps — and then you pull the rug out from under them and win anyway.

I also groove on the aesthetic of this game. I’m not the biggest Marvel comic or movie fanboy, but I’ll admit that the card art and the little animations that go with each add a lot of personality. And I was excited to get both Jubilee and Hazmat’s avatars this month, as both are pretty cool. I’ve been hoarding my gold for a big bundle, although I did spend 1200 gold the other night on a particularly awesome Psylocke variant.

Two out of the three months I’ve been playing, I paid for the seasonal pass. I get a lot of enjoyment out of this title, and so I feel good about dropping ten bucks on it for extra rewards. It’s the only mobile game I’m spending money on anyway, and there’s no slippery slope here for me. It’s either $10 or nothing, but certainly not more.

A lot of people sweat getting certain series 4 or 5 cards, but I’m not going down that route of madness. Right now I’m saving up for a Luke Cage so that I can build a proper Hazmat deck, but until then I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve got.


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