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New World: Pirate-buster extraordinaire

Weirdly enough, my biggest sticking point with New World last year was being unable to find a good guild community during the month I was playing — and rather enjoying — the game. So it’s been on my mind to try a different server to see if I could connect with some people there and settle in a bit more securely. Thus, I rerolled as the purple-haired Foxgloves.

Back to the start, I had to find my weapons again — rapier, hatchet — and start training up skills. I don’t think I’ll be doing any crafting this go-around, looking instead to loot, salvage, and sell as many mats as possible to finance my war chest. And hey, first night and I found a very welcoming company on this server, so I feel that’s a good sign.

I get excited to see a rickety mine, because you just know there will be amazing loot within. Or a rock that falls and crater’s your skull. Either or, it’ll be an interesting day!

You know what New World does exceptionally well? Immersing the player in the feel and scope of nature. It often has that wild, outdoorsy feeling that a lot of theme parks lack. Visuals and sound design come together wonderfully for this — jack up the ambient soundtrack and see for yourself. And a lot of the fauna is far more fearsome and threatening than your average MMO critters, too.

And can we give this game credit for actually making its female armor more realistic than ridiculous?

I clicked on a spyglass in a pirate camp and ended up triggering a short event that was pretty dang cool. I was informed that a pirate ship was incoming — and I could indeed see it on the way. When it arrived, I fought a few mobs, including the captain, then lit the nearby cannon to blow up the ship. Really neat scripting with this one.


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