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Elder Scrolls Online: Does eating a giant make you a cannibal?

There’s always a giddy feeling when I get close to finishing up a map in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s the anticipation of that final task crossed off mixed with the worry that I have more to do than I thought. But I think I’m doing pretty well with Shadowfen. I even did the full public dungeon, which was (hilariously) a party that refused to quit and a poor guy who just wanted to escape.

And sure enough, I got done pretty quickly. In fact, this may be the first zone I’ve ever finished where I found all of the skyshards naturally without looking up a guide at the end for leftovers.

Our guild runs a regular “Price is Right” night where you can try to bid on different parcels. And lo and behold, I won a pack of about a dozen treasure maps. That sparked an idea — why not take an intermission before the next zone and go on a world-spanning treasure hunt to use these maps (and more I had in the bank besides)?

Instead, my plan fell apart after doing one (1) treasure because I so lost interest in flipping back and forth between web browsing and travel — and because when I got to Eastmarch, I went, “Hey, this is a pretty zone! I’d like to stay here and quest a while, don’t mind if I do!”

I might need to get a cabin in this zone. Wintry Alaskan wilderness does it for me.

So far I’ve been content to stay in skeleton form. There’s an inherent amusement value in watching my bare-bones character leap into action and perform amazing feats of magic.

Or I’ll change back in the next session. Nice to have options!

Leave it up to ESO to whip up gruesome quest chains. I was trying to help a village figure out why giants were rampaging against it. Turns out that some idiot was killing them — and then feasting on their flesh. I guess that’s bad? Does it count as cannibalism if you eat giants? So on one hand, I’m trying to stop this practice, but on the other hand, I have to kill about a dozen giants in the course of completing the quest.

The moral of this is: It’s OK to murder big humans, just don’t snack on them afterward.


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