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LOTRO: Bar crawling across Minas Tirith

This week’s main LOTRO project was a two-for-one deal. I was going to try to knock out all of the many Minas Tirith quests while also documenting some of the more interesting locales for a city tour article I was putting together for Massively OP. Both would make for a considerable affair, what with having to crawl all over every square inch of this town, but I felt up for it.

Methodically combing over this city has been on my Hobbit bucket list for a while, so I’m happy to slow down and do this thing properly. I’m seeing some familiar sights as well as several that are brand-new to me, due to being off the beaten path.

It was a fun if tiring project, and by the time I was done, I was ready to be finished with questing in this city. Of course, now I had to stick around to do the epic for a good while, which strained my patience. I’m just not a city guy; I need to be out in the wilds to relax.

The spring festival popped back around, but I’m not biting. It’s the one festival that I routinely ignore, as its activities are too annoying and its rewards not that tempting. I used some of the saved-up fall festival tokens I had from last year to buy a couple of cosmetic outfit pieces and put together a respectable hobbit-like adventurer’s garb.

But as of late, I’ve been itching for a bit of a change in routine. An alternate project. So to scratch this itch — and possibly see where it might go — I rolled up a new Hobbit Lore-master on a server I haven’t visited and started from scratch there. Building up a new wardrobe, new character, and making some new friends might be what I need to liven things up for a bit!


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