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LOTRO: Speak into my magic ball

Taking a break from hauling my Minstrel through Minas Tirith, I gave myself as much of a “fresh start” as one can with an already existing account in LOTRO. I wanted that feeling of newness, of building up something from scratch (or near enough to it), and of personal challenge and discovery.

So I rolled up a Hobbit Lore-master on Gladden, a server which I have no footprint. By doing this, I was stripping away a lot of my usual safety net — no pool of wealth to draw from, no house, no mithril coins, no friends, no wardrobe. Additionally, I will be challenging myself to earn any LP that I’m going to spend (on milestones/travel skills, most like), and I outright deleted most of the freebie items that came with any new characters, with the exception of mounts and pets.

My first evening came with a lot of initial goals: Find a kin, level up to 6, head to the Shire to get my VIP services, start building a wardrobe, get set up with the new free riding skill, import my UI settings, and start questing. All of this was accomplished, and then some. I asked for recommendations for a kin and was pointed to a long-lasting one on the server that was stocked with friendly folks who made me feel at home at once.

And since the spring festival’s going on, I ran through the sunflower quest series to earn 18 spring leaves so that I could buy a nice lore-mastery robe outfit to wear in my early adventures.

In a valiant attempt to be social — and benefit myself — I joined a kin outing that was focused on blitzing through deeds in order to farm LOTRO Points. I figured I might as well make friends and get an assist on some of these lowbie deeds that I have to do anyway. It was a good time, as we got through a bunch of the more boring Ered Luin slayers in record time.

One nice benefit of this excursion is that it finally put me over the threshold of 3000 LP — enough to finally buy the account-wide 78% mount speed increase that I’ve been eyeing for some time. I definitely feel like I’m zipping around a LOT faster now!

But soon enough, it was back onto my Minstrel to see if she can escape the gravity well of Minas Tirith. Perhaps looking into this Palantir will help? Can’t hurt, right?


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