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Beam me back to Star Trek Online

Considering that I’ve barely touched Star Trek Online since 2019 or so, it feels like a ripe time to return to an old favorite — and do what I always do, which is to start a new character from scratch. I rerolled Myfanwy as an original series Andorian and dipped myself back into Cryptic’s outer space gem.

I couldn’t resist going with original series, as it was *my* Star Trek for the longest time. Plus, I dig the retro style and kind of wish that Cryptic had created more than five missions for it. I would’ve loved to stay in this setting far longer. At least I get a really neato phaser rifle.

There are five missions set in the 23rd century, so I’m not going to begrudge that. It’s a really fun way to start a new character, and I’ve only ever gone through these once or twice before. I hopped into my not-quite-as-good-as-the-Enterprise ship and got to some Gorn-busting.

The cutscenes in STO are always a good time to take some screenshots, especially since you don’t have to worry about the UI or moving the camera.

My daughter’s been playing through the same content with me, and while she’s not that familiar with the original series design, she still finds it kind of retro-cool. I can’t help but think that Teenage Me would’ve been geeking out over this, big-time. They did such a great job replicating all the ’60s sound and visual effects.

This game is the best kind of fanservice, really.




2 thoughts on “Beam me back to Star Trek Online

  1. Ooo tempting. I always loved STO, and it inspired some of my personal favorite blog posts all the way back at the beginning.

  2. I remember playing STO a long time ago. I also remember being so annoyed with the mountain of microtransactions. I’m guessing it’s still a thing?

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