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Syp’s gaming goals for April 2023

March 2023 in review

  • When my life’s biography is written, the entry for this month will be “Syp had no idea what he wanted to play.” A general malaise in life led to a lot of listlessness in gaming, so I ended up sampling a lot of things and hoping that something would not just stick but inspire. It wasn’t a completely wasted month, but it wasn’t that productive or exciting, either.
  • Some of the sampling included RIFT, Diablo IV, Pillars of Eternity II, Disco Elysium, ESO, and New World. I mean, I got a lot of one-off posts, so time in those wasn’t completely wasted, but it kind of felt like it.
  • LOTRO is where I saw most of my consistent time and interest, and even that was slightly north of medium. My Minstrel continued her Gondorian adventures and got all the way to the Battle of Pelennor Fields before taking a break to do some Spring Festival instances. I also rolled up a new Hunter and checked in with some of my other characters.
  • I also eased myself back into Star Trek Online with a new captain — and brought my daughter along for her first ride in this MMO as well.
  • I had two bright points of gaming: the surprisingly fun Classic Hardcore permadeath runs in WoW Classic that kept me entertained for a week or so, and checking out Rumble Heroes on mobile, which I quite liked.

April 2023’s gaming goals

  • It’s kind of hard to set goals when you’re not that enthusiastic about anything, really. I want to push my LOTRO Minstrel through the rest of Gondor and gear up for Mordor, which is the next big hurdle to overcome. I might also start taking my Lore-master through Gundabad and guiding my Hunter through an early game completionist run.
  • I decided to get back to one of the big projects that had me so excited last November — World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. I want to focus on getting through the questing content with my Death Knight while figuring out what the current progression systems and endgame activities look like.
  • I have been getting back to doing at least one or two Elder Scrolls Online quests or landscape challenges a day, so I want to keep that going.

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