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LOTRO: A dash of spring cleaning

The theme of this month in LOTRO for me is “spring cleaning.” I’ve got a lot of alts all over the place that need straightening up, and by gum, that’s what I’m going to do. For starters, I’m paring everything down to three characters that will receive my attention (and affection): My level 140 Captain, my level 135 Lore-master, and my level 114 Minstrel. All the Cappy needs at this point are several ranks of virtues (which means deeding), but the LM needs to go through the entirety of Gundabad and my Minnie just entered The Wastes with the intent of generally deeding out each zone. That’s more than enough to keep me busy for the summer.

Another project that I pulled the trigger on was to consolidate all of my premium housing into a single (better) one. I sold my three standard Belfalas houses and then purchased a luxurious abode in the same neighborhood to be shared with all of my characters. This is my first luxurious house, and it is really neat with plenty of rooms and space. Now I have to sort through literally HUNDREDS of housing items to decorate rooms. Seriously, my shared housing storage — from escrow and characters moving servers — was 358 out of 60 slots, and that’s not counting what others have in their own vaults.

I’ll do a full house tour post in the future when I feel like it’s mostly done, but I’m glad that I got a whole lot of it done in the span of a single weekend.

After a lot of dragging my feet on doing it, I finally kicked my Lore-master into action to start her journey into Gundabad. At least she’s level 135, so fingers crossed that this will translate into easier combat.

Quick break to do the every-three-days Anniversary gifts quests. Hey, it’s easy tokens for about a half-hour, total, of time!

My poor Minstrel is having a rough go of it at the threshold of Mordor. Oh, she can whoop pretty much any mob that comes across her path, but the quests there do put you through the ringer. I was slightly incensed at a particular quest NPC who gave me attitude for helping another guy out. You want my help? You know who I am and what I’ve done so far? You don’t get to lecture me, I’m sorry.


This moment means that I finally reached the end of the War of the Ring and am officially moving into Mordor with my Minstrel at level 115 (which is a good 10 levels above the standard, which is nice).


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