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Snapshots from MMOs: Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Fallout 76

Bouncing around to various titles leaves a debris field of posts in WordPress, and sometimes I like to compile those and clean up some space. So here are a few snapshots of games that I’ve dipped lightly into over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been watching and greatly enjoying Star Trek: Strange New Worlds lately, which feels like a return to form for the wayward franchise. And so that’s certainly sparked more interest in playing Star Trek Online — this time with a new character named Doxology. I had to go through the entire tutorial, however, because the Delta event was running and didn’t allow me the option to skip past it. Ah well.

I did set her up with the Pathfinder science ship as a good middle ground with firepower and a launchable fighter pet. I think the odds are good for her getting a full run this year, although it may well be an off-and-on experience.

Speaking of Cryptic, I poked into Neverwinter after seeing the D&D movie. It’s been long, too long, on my to do list to roll up a Neverwinter Bard and take another run through this MMO. I last visited Cryptic’s D&D realm back in spring of 2020, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t remember much from that year.

In any case, it’s been more than long enough to justify a reroll, so I conjured up a tiefling Bard from the ether, slapped a lute and rapier on her, and got to work seeing what’s changed. Happily, all my account unlocks were still intact, including my armored spider mount that gives me the warm fuzzies late at night.

I’ve done zero research into the Bard, mind you, and that’s probably not going to change soon. I like to see what I can learn from tooltips and hands-on experience. From the get-go, it seems like she’s mostly a magic user with some close-range sword attacks if desired.

And then there was some time on my Fallout 76 character. She’s doing fine for a newbie, a lot better now that she’s got a shotgun, but the glee of coming back to the game wore off pretty quickly. Still, I had some fun taking screenshots along the way.

Upon the recommendation of several F76 guides, I went over to a fancy resort where apparently there’s this huge mall in the basement with every type of vendor available. And, as a bonus, it’s one of the few locales that offers free fast travel. I liked checking out the shops, such as the above cabin-themed outdoorsy locale.


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