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LOTRO: Mordor, Gundabad, and regions beyond

As I’ve been dusting off my old Lore-master and scooting her in the direction of Gundabad, I made a shocking discovery — I was still rocking legacy legendary items on her character. Like, the old ones. The much less effective ones. Could explain why I don’t feel that powerful in combat. Well, time to tuck my tail between my legs and head off to Rivendell to correct this oversight!

In a way, my Captain has both the best and worst of it right now. The best is that she’s 140 and done with Gundabad, so all I’m doing is virtue mop up. Yet it’s kind of the worst, because I can’t follow a storyline or grind an area — I have to keep finding new deeds that I haven’t done before and figuring those out, one at a time.

But no matter, because it offers me a great time to reacquaint myself with this character and class. There’s a reason I took her all the way to the end of the game — and look forward to bringing her even further.

Meanwhile, my poor Minstrel had to take her first real steps into Mordor. All I could think was, “once more unto the breach, dear friends.” There’s a psychological hump to overcome when you’re at the start of such types of content. Best to push through and get a move on.

Nothing like a buggy bear to brighten one’s day!


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