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Revisiting Star Wars: The Old Republic is always a joy that I hope lasts as long as it can. I really wouldn’t mind seeing BioWare put out a progression server at this point, as far too much of the community is at the level cap, but I’m down for another tour around this old favorite — and maybe push into unexplored content.

After buying a new hairstyle because I’m vain like that, I made a Smuggler-Sniper to start the journey all over again. My big MMO theme this year is “completionism” in questing, so I aim to not just do the standard class and planetary quests but the optional exploratory and bonus missions as well.

Man, Ord Mantel brings back the memories, yes it does. Not the prettiest starting planet, but it’s got its rugged, war-torn charm.

Yes, it’s pretty silly to go back to the Smuggler for, what, the fifth or sixth time when there are still six class stories I haven’t fully played through, but there’s something about the snarky, devil-may-care class that I can’t quit. It makes everything else taste like blandness in comparison. So oh well, I’m gonna play what’s fun. And for variety’s sake, I’m going total dark side with her.

Yes. Yes I do, Blue Greedo.

What’s really weird about going back to SWTOR is that I kept getting lost in the experience of playing the game. I’d look up at the clock and realize that it was a lot later than I thought it was. I guess that speaks to that combination of being immersed while also having a generally good time. Win-win.

Leveling is so much faster than I ever remember it being. What with doing all of the side quests and all, I was level 23 before I left the first zone, 30 by the middle of the second. It automatically scales me down so I’m not grossly over-leveled, but still.

On Coruscant, I bumped into another player running into a heroic area and shot them an invite. We grouped up and knocked out four heroic quests in a row, which was satisfying, rewarding, and a lot of fun to do as a group. I hope to make this more of a regular thing!


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