/AFK: Hoverboards ruuuuule!

hoverboardPlease be aware that if you operate a hoverboard, you’re going to need to wear proper safety equipment.  Also, please be aware that hoverboards don’t work on water… unless you’ve got power.

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. MMOQuests: 5th Annual Gamers Secret Santa registration has started
  2. Parallel Context: Paging White Wolf, someone is taking your WoD moniker
  3. Player versus Developer: What is Blizzard’s direction?
  4. Inventory Full: The landrush begins!
  5. LOTRO Players: Helm’s Deep class changes, a first look index
  6. Harpy’s Nest: First thoughts on the Warlords of Draenor
  7. GamingSF: Stat complexity, how much is too much?
  8. ECTMMO.com: EverQuest… a legacy of sorts
  9. CSTM: Do MMO publishers want your money?
  10. Contains Moderate Peril: The average LOTRO player

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/AFK: The Stare

stareIt’s Saturday and you’ve got some time to burn!  So here’s things to read while you try to ignore this picture of a man staring at you.

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. NBI 2 Awards for 2013
  2. This Way to Hollow Earth: Hints of things to come with Halloween 2013 missions?
  3. MMOGC: Sphere of Influence and fun with Worf
  4. I Have Touched the Sky: Halloweekend Follies
  5. ALT:ernative: Ain’t no pleasing you
  6. Nerdy Bookahs: LOTRO’s class changes
  7. Wolfshead Online: Can the return of Alex Afrasiabi save World of Warcraft?
  8. MMO Gypsy: Achievement (hate), exploration and mystery
  9. Herding Cats: The Journey is boring — video games and validation
  10. Cuppyville: In which I defend achievements in MMOs

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/AFK: Hallo-happiness edition

funny-pumpkinWell, it was a rainy Halloween in my neck of the woods, but that didn’t deter my kids from wanting to go door-to-door screaming “TRICK OR TREAT!”  And now I’m coming down from the Halloween high, both in real life and in games.  Going to miss all the spookiness!

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. Tales of the Aggronaut: Playing dice with humanity
  2. MMOGC: Trials in Trick or Treating
  3. LOTRO Players: Why I’m looking forward to Helm’s Deep
  4. Kill Ten Rats: Hearthstone — The Deck’s League
  5. MMOQuests: The City of Freeport timeline
  6. Casual Aggro: Up-leveling, down-leveling, and how they are broken
  7. MMO Gypsy: How that other MMO keeps ruining my gameplay experience
  8. Cogitationes Astalnaris: The awkwardness of games
  9. Thinking Play: Reflections on the NBI
  10. Harpy’s Nest: Afraid of the Dark

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/AFK: Absent friends edition

afkIt’s been a couple of years since /AFK last haunted Bio Break, so I thought it was high time to bring it back.  As we raise our glasses to absent friends and features, we also look forward to the glorious future.

So what can you expect from /AFK on Saturdays from now on?  Three things: a run-down of the top ten blog posts that caught my eye, a list of the movies that Mutant Reviewers covered, and links to my columns on Massively.  It’s all the reading you need for a relaxing Saturday morning with Nixon!

Top Ten Blog Posts This Week

  1. Why I Game: Blood and Madness improves quality of life
  2. Away from Game: Leveling is a Grind
  3. Tales of the Aggronaut: Failing Resolve
  4. The Fantatical Swordsman: Will Galactic Starfighter be an actual expansion?
  5. This Way to the Hollow Earth: Have you heard the grim tale of the foot fairy?
  6. TR Red Skies: EverQuest Next Landmark so far
  7. MMO Gypsy: Tanks, Healers, DPS and Time
  8. Inventory Full: The train stops here: City of Steam
  9. Healing the Masses: GW2’s collection of collaboration
  10. Seen any elves?  Skycandy

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/AFK: Ganked Edition

To gank, or not to gank, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous rogues,
Or to take arms spec against a sea of Horde,
And by opposing end them? To die, to rez,
No more; and by rez to say we end
The losing streak, and the thousand natural shock blasts
That virtual flesh is heir to: ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to rez;
To rez, perchance to get revenge – ay, there’s the rub!

Welcome back to /AFK, the weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that caught my eye:

  • Levelcapped — We are prisoners
    “They have absolutely no stake in the potential success of others, but they do have a potential victory in the failure of others.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Why we ding, part 1
    “But I do wonder if we have sped up too fast, to give too much fast or instant gratification, and removed that feeling that only a DING! can give.”

/AFK: Humorous Choice Edition

If you have a choice between boring A and exciting B, will you not pick B and consider yourself a rogue, even though everyone else would most likely pick B as well?

And if C decided to stop by and challenge your expectations, it might stand to reason that a switch would be in order.  But only if D didn’t pop in, announce “All of the above!” and ruin everyone’s day.  Oh, D, the only letter we hate more than you is the dreaded E — “None of the above!”

Welcome back to /AFK, a weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that caught my attention:

  • Elder Game — Evolving quests
    “WoW changed the thinking here. For the most part, it never even occurred to us in the MMO industry that it might be possible to create so much content that players could level entirely through quests and never repeat a single one.”
  • We Fly Spitfires — I like big swords
    “When I play MMOs I immediately pick melee classes and then go out of my way to find the biggest, meanest looking sword I can possibly find in order to proceed smacking the living daylights out of everything whilst giggling with glee.”

/AFK: Pax Catchup Edition

One of the worst things about coming back from a trip is all of the catching up you have to do — especially if you happen to have hundreds of blogs in your Google Reader.  I tried my best, but after a day or so of scrolling I gave up and marked all as read.  Ergo, this week’s /AFK is incomplete in a sense, as it’s both covering two weeks’ worth of posts and missing a bunch of those posts at the same time.  Ah well!

Welcome back to /AFK, a weekly roundup of interesting posts that caught my eye:

  • MMO Reporter — The naming of chars
    “It drives me crazy to see someone play a rogue named ‘Death-Rouge’ or a variant of this, usually with loads of accented characters. To use your class as a name is wrong of itself, but to then misspell it?”
  • Epic Slant — PAX East 2011 in review
    “This year I attended my first PAX and I have to say that in comparison to the other conventions I regularly hit it felt far larger and friendlier!”
  • Levelcapped — Don’t cry for me World of Warcraft
    “But really, WoW community. You’ve had the cat-bird’s seat for many, many years. You can’t blame people for getting excited about an alternative – we might even whisper “competitor” if we want to fan flames, although I think it’s far to early for that discussion to be had in serious circles.”
  • Casual Is As Casual Does — One of us and level ennui
    “After months of gentle cajoling (which didn’t work), and more recently, letting him watch over my shoulder as I trudge through vanquishes, Zaishen bounties, and re-build my character stock in general, Mr. Randomessa has caved in and decided to give Guild wars another try.”

P.S. – Go check out Ferrel’s book on guild leadership! Way to go, man!

/AFK: Success is in the Definition Edition

What be this “success” we’ve heard so much about?  Be it fun, sales, lasting memories or the sheer fact that a game made it to launch in an industry that chokes its young to death on a regular basis?  One thing is for certain: You are successful just for reading Bio Break.  Lesser mortals have tried and fallen dead on the spot from the exposure.

Welcome back to /AFK, my weekly roundup of interesting blog posts and pertinent quotes:

  • Levelcapped — Merry Riftmas!
    “Trion has really gone above and beyond what we normally see from developers, and the game itself has some major selling points as well that allow it to stand out from the steady stream of ho-hum that we’ve had to endure in the MMO space over the past few years.”
  • Overly Positive — The silly setup of failure
    “They make forum threads predicting doom and gloom, blog about how the next best thing isn’t quite as good as sliced bread, and are always quick to insert an oppositional, Eeyore-like shrug into conversations that excitedly talk about what’s coming up.”
  • Stylish Corpse — Sucker for a happy ending
    “What only other introverts seem to understand, however, is that this doesn’t make me unsociable or anti-social — quite the contrary. I’m extremely sociable, it’s just that my terms for it aren’t the same as those of your average extrovert.”

/AFK: Server Is Full Edition

Long lines coupled with a naturally impatient society equals tempers, raging forum posts and amusement for the rest of us.  Sure, I hate long queues too, but it’s not as if I’m lacking other things to do or play, so I keep a sense of humor about it and dutifully wait until it’s my time to shine.

Welcome back to /AFK, the weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that caught my eye:

  • Overly Positive — Bardic coolness
    “I’m totally convinced that the Bard-like classes in an MMO, that base attacks and magic around playing music, are the middle child of MMO class-dom.”
  • Rift Watchers — It ’twas the night before launch
    “It’s the night before and here I am,up late, twiddling my thumbs, and wishing the minutes into hours so that 1 PM will get here a little bit quicker. I might seem silly. After all, it’s just a game. And one I’ve already played at that.”
  • Blacksen’s End — Where did Blizzard lose it?
    “Over the past month, something historic is occurring within the player base of World of Warcraft. For the first time, tens of thousands of players are quitting without leaving for another MMO.”

P.S. — He called it, folks!

/AFK — Fippy Darkpaw Edition

The big topic this past week was the opening of a new EverQuest time-locked progression server.  Both old and new EQ players flocked to and overloaded the servers, looking to recapture lost experiences or experience lost history.  While I personally didn’t feel compelled to give this a swing, it’s an interesting experiment that I wish more MMOs would try.

Welcome back to /AFK, a roundup of the most interesting blog posts that caught my eye last week:

  • A Casual Stroll to Mordor — Symbols and tokens and marks, oh my!
    “You loot the chest expecting to find some powerful artifact, instead some weird currency drops which you take back to town and trade in for the armor they should have given you when they asked you to go fight the bad guys. It makes no sense for the story.”
  • ETCmmo — You can never go back
    “Getting oh so very lost in Neriak, I wanted to cry…. It was truly terrifying and awesome at the same time. I had never played anything like it.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Faction cool factor
    “It seemed that everybody was excited about the Defiant, and ‘mature’ guilds were considering rolling Guardian side just to get away from that immature crowd.”
  • MMO Gamer Chick — Rift: Artifact finding
    “Which is why I’m surprised after all these weeks in the Rift beta I haven’t talked about the Artifact Collections system yet. Bottom line, I want to marry it.”
  • MMO Reporter — Why MMOs are missing the boat
    “Most importantly, I want my virtual trek to have consequences. It should require effort to travel. If I go to point B, I must take into account I can’t quickly jump back to A. Why else have a big virtual world?”