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Cautiously curious about Corepunk

In my recent list of games that I’m excited about for next year, I completely forgot to include Corepunk on that list. Announced a year ago, Corepunk is an MMOARPG that’s seeking to blend Diablo-style gameplay with cyberpunk aesthetics. I know, I know, we’re all getting high on the fumes of Cyberpunk 2077 right now (which, sadly, I won’t be playing in the near future), but even so, it’s not a genre that gets a lot of play these days — especially in MMOs.

Right away, the colorful and stylish graphics grabbed me, even with the overhead camera. If I look at a video or screenshots and go, “Yeah, that’s a game world I definitely want to visit!” then I judge that to be a good indication of whether or not the art team is hitting its mark. There’s some post-apocalyptic theming as well, which is never unwelcome.

The impression I’ve gotten so far usually sparks phrases like “seems cute” or “could be fun” in my head. There’s supposed to be a closed beta going on this month, but the team’s been pretty quiet since September. I’m hoping everything’s going OK, because what I have seen this year is promising — like this Q2 update, which is filled with cool tidbits like the fatality system — it’s just not an avalanche of news. It’s easy to forget this game is being made (hence, its absence from my anticipated list), so hopefully actual player testing will bear out and get some hype going.

I’m not staking all of my hopes and dreams on this. I feel about it much the same way I did about Torchlight III and Magic Legends — it has potential, it has a cool art style, and it could go either way in the end. I do like that they’re devoted to making this an MMORPG rather than something lesser, so I guess we’ll see how Corepunk shakes out in 2021.