Battle Bards Episode 87: Elves!


It’s high time that the Battle Bards lay prostrate at the feet of their social and intellectual superiors, the high and mighty Elves! Yes, it’s a full episode of elven music, a virtual rainbow of harps and swirly magic and slightly grumpy hosts who use this opportunity to unload their gripes against this fantasy race.

Episode 87 show notes (show page, direct download)

  • Intro (feat. “Teldrassil” from World of Warcraft and “Elf Wood” from MapleStory)
  • “Grey Havens” from LOTRO
  • “Elf Forest” from Forsaken World
  • “Allemantheia (The City of Truth)” from TERA
  • “High Elf Tomb” from World of Warcraft
  • “Unicorn’s Rest (Elven Village)” from Lineage 2
  • “Elven Theme” from Allods Online
  • “Rena’s Theme (Hope of the Elven)” from Elsword Online
  • Which one did we like the most?
  • Jukebox Picks: “Rhyldan” from The Repopulation, “OST” from Fantasy Life, and “Welcome to Rapture” from BioShock
  • Outro (“Rena’s Theme”)

Retro Reprise Episode 7: Star Control 2


Jump to hyperspace and turn up the tunes, for Syp is going full-on into Star Control 2’s amazing and bizarre soundtrack. It’s an oddity among video game scores, even to this day, and much beloved because of it.

Episode 7: Star Control 2 (show page, direct download)

  • Intro
  • “Starbase Commander”
  • “Hyperspace”
  • “Spathi Theme”
  • “Zoq-Fot-Pik Theme”
  • “Slylandro Theme”
  • “Melnorme Theme”
  • Outro (“Yehat Theme”)

Fill up on RIFT, Trove, and Atlas Reactor soundtracks!

starfallThis was an extremely pleasant surprise over the weekend: I saw a forum post pointing me to Bandcamp, where apparently Trion Worlds has several of its game’s soundtracks available for purchase.

It was doubly a surprise since I had emailed Trion a few months back asking if it was possible to get the score to its RIFT expansions and the studio said that it hadn’t released any since the core MMO launch. So maybe one part of the studio wasn’t talking to the other part? I don’t know.

In any case, if you’re interested, you can pick up some great music, including the Starfall Prophecy expansion’s OST:

Battle Bards Episode 86: World of Warcraft Legion


With all of the unbridled love for World of Warcraft’s soundtrack on Battle Bards, historically, you know that we couldn’t let a new expansion score go without commentary. In this show, the three co-hosts tackle the weighty and lengthy Legion OST, cherry-picking their favorite tunes and confessing all manner of gaming sins.

Episode 86 show notes (show page, direct download)

  • Intro (feat. “Kingdoms Will Burn” and “Dalaran Dawn”)
  • “Anduin”
  • “The Last Stand”
  • “Requiem for the Lost Cities”
  • “Highmountain”
  • “Suramar City”
  • “Totems of the Grizzlemaw Revisited”
  • “Lion’s Rest (Canticle of Sacrifice)”
  • Which one did we like the most?
  • Jukebox Picks: “America” from Civilization VI, “Tropos (Day)” from Owlboy, and “Me Too” from The Sims 4
  • Outro (“Karazhan 7.1”)

Retro Reprise Episode 6: Listener requests!


Syp doesn’t hold a monopoly on retro VGM — far from it! In this episode, he plays a melting pot of listener requests from many eras, platforms, and genres. Want to send in your own requests for a future show? Drop him a line on Twitter @Sypster!

Episode 6: Listener requests! (show page, direct download)

  • Intro
  • “Song of the Grid” from Ballblazer (Atari 7800)
  • “Volcanic Stage” from Life Force (NES)
  • “Stage Select” from Mega Man X (SNES)
  • “Scars of Time” from Chrono Cross (PlayStation)
  • “Lemming 2 (Miners and Climbers)” from Lemmings (Amiga)
  • “Intro” from Gods (Amiga)
  • Outro

Battle Bards Episode 85: Desert Calling


The desert is calling the Battle Bards, but are they willing to make the trek across these vast wastelands to see if the music is worthwhile or not? Guess co-host Scott joins Syl and Syp for a listen through several desert tracks to see what can be sifted from the sand. Is there treasure below or sun-bleached boredom?

Episode 85 show notes (show page, direct download)

  • Intro (feat. “Tatooine, the Desert Sands” from Star Wars: The Old Republic and “Desert Wind” from AIKA Online)
  • “Kheshatta” from Age of Conan
  • “Desert Scape” from Aura Kingdom
  • “Sands of the Alik’r” from Elder Scrolls Online
  • “Desert Fortress Theme” from Cabal 2
  • “Liath Desert B” from Vanguard
  • “Tanaris” from World of Warcraft
  • “Sunset Desert” from MapleStory
  • Which one did we like the most?
  • Jukebox Picks: “Countdown” from Dota 2, “Ryoshima Plains” from Okami, and “Sepiks Redux” from Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Outro (“Desert Sun” from Ultima X Odyssey)

Music Mondays: Mario, Amiga, Ys, and more

Here’s another batch of terrific video game music that I’ve listened to recently and wanted to share with you! Today we’re going to start with “Everyone’s a Super Star” from Mario Party 64. Just a crazy, cheerful track that has a few Mario tune reprises tucked in there.

I’ve only looked upon the Ys series from afar, but I gotta say that I really like “First Step Towards Wars” (although not the name, ugh). So peppy and inspiring!

“The City” is so heartbreakingly sad while offering just a small, tiny sliver of hope. It’s such a different type of music track than you’d normally hear in a game — almost church-like in its purity.

I love me some good Amiga tunes, and “Theme” from The Humans is a great example of why this system boasts some of the best retro computer tunes. It’s fast-paced, tribal, and extremely memorable. Let’s play it again!

If you want music that puts you in a good and relaxing mood, you usually can’t go wrong with a Sims soundtrack. I’m going through these song compilations and am finding them to be perfect writing music.