Battle Bards picks up a key endorsement

Thanks to Jinxed Thoughts for this kind endorsement of Battle Bards:

This is probably my favorite or at least one of my favorite VGM podcasts. Even though they have niched into MMO-music specifically, which initially had me thinking that I’d get bored with the podcast eventually, they manage to make so much from their topics. The dynamic between the three hosts is by far the best out of the podcasts I listen to – they have completely different tastes and are not afraid to tell eachother. This leads to interesting discussions about the quality of the different tunes and I especially enjoy hearing the different perspectives they often have on the very same tune. This podcast is also unique among the ones I listen to in that it intersperses the music with the talking, rather than listening to a tune (or two) and then talking about it which is the standard procedure, and it really works! Sound levels can be off sometimes, where the music is too loud to hear what they are saying, but that is only occasionally and definitely not enough to remove any of the fun from listening to this gang talking and bickering about MMO VGM. Highly recommended!

P.S. — New show tomorrow!

Quote of the Day: Mythic dungeons

“It feels to me like the player base has fractured into two groups. One is ‘Mythic is the new Heroic, just use the Group Finder’ and the other half is ‘Mythic? Oh, that’s not for me then.’ To be honest I’m probably more in the later group. The people I know who play WoW don’t play at the same time as I do, so it’s very hard for me to put a group together and as for the Group Finder… I’ve had very bad experiences with it. To the point where I don’t want to use it. I’m not saying this is Blizzard’s problem to fix, but Mythic dungeons are rapidly becoming ‘Oh well, guess that’s not for me’ content for a lot of players.”

~ Blizzard Watch

Count me in the latter group as well. It’s weird that finding and participating in a raid in this game is easier and less stressful than doing the same with mythics.

Quote of the Day: Dragon hate

My eldest son is absolutely dragon-crazy these days, so when I told him that my World of Warcraft character had a dragon mount, he demanded on the spot that I show him. We log in and I pull out the mount to his “oohs!” Now I can’t fly it, at least in Northrend, because I haven’t paid whatever for the cold flying. Then this happens:

Son: Make him fly!

Me: I can’t.

Son: Why not?

Me: Because Blizzard hates its fans.