Quote of the Day: Get over it

“Even the disgusting PVE carebear servers [for H1Z1] will be ready day 1. I’m not happy about that but people tell me I need to get over it.”

~ SOE President John Smedley on Twitter

Hey Smed?  Get over it; PvE carebears pay your salary.  Or quit your job at SOE and go work for CCP, as that’s obviously where your heart lies.

(Yeah, he might have been very tongue-in-cheek here — which I am not sure of — but it wasn’t a smart thing to say in any case.)

Quote of the Day: Minion me

“The minion/follower system of Rift and World of Warcraft is liked by many. What if a game would allow you to give these tasks to friends and guildmates instead of NPCs/trading cards? The idea started small, but the more i think about it, the more possibilities come to mind.”

~ Party Business

Love this idea!  Make it happen, MMO industry!

Quote of the Day: What MMOs offer

“Because, let’s face it, MMOs offer something that other genres don’t.  The community.  The relatively well-policed gaming environment.  The persistence.  The idea of burning down a guild’s castle in a raid with 100 other people.  That dream will always be powerful, it will always be evocative, and it will always excite the imagination.”

~ Zen of Design

Quote of the Day: Just to live

There was a description for an iTunes game that came out last night, Dungeon of Genesis, that obviously didn’t make it through Google Translate unscathed:

Time immemorial. This is the story that people has erase from the memory by sorrow too much.

Massacre were performed by the loathsome monster who appeared suddenly.

Monsters is a dirty greedy cruel. Peaceful world is disturbed, and the economy collapsed. The world became a catastrophic era. There is no decent work and those who survived. In due course, Those who are courageous came to confronting the monsters. Just to live.