ArcheAge PR speak

“In ArcheAge, we are now seeing an increase over time in our player base, but many players, old and new, have requested a way to bring together more players on each server.”

~ From the “official server evolution” FAQ

Guys! People! We didn’t want to merge — and we are NOT merging, just “evolving” here — but you all demanded it! It’s your fault! We have more people, so why wouldn’t we merge and take away your hard-earned housing plots? This makes sense!

Quote of the Day: Their world

[Getting in a few minutes playing WildStar with my six-year-old son on my lap]

Son: Dad, why are you killing those animals?

Me: Because they’re dangerous.

Son: But isn’t this their world?

Me: …let’s go look at my rocket ship house again!

Quote of the Day: Basements

“Advice To Game Developers

Please perfect your basic artwork assets, models, and animations before releasing anything to the public. It’s a huge turn-off to see placeholder models and animations that make your game look like a high school project. It’s literally the first thing I evaluate to determine if your development effort is serious business or you’re just a bunch of kids messing around in somebody’s basement.”

~ Endgame Viable

Quote of the Day: Get over it

“Even the disgusting PVE carebear servers [for H1Z1] will be ready day 1. I’m not happy about that but people tell me I need to get over it.”

~ SOE President John Smedley on Twitter

Hey Smed?  Get over it; PvE carebears pay your salary.  Or quit your job at SOE and go work for CCP, as that’s obviously where your heart lies.

(Yeah, he might have been very tongue-in-cheek here — which I am not sure of — but it wasn’t a smart thing to say in any case.)