WildStar: Interior decorating

Because I continually* get requests to show off my WildStar housing project, here’s another EXTREME** INSTALLMENT of Syp’s interior decorating!

flowerActually, I’ll start with the outside because I’m kind of proud of this. I had a bunch of greenery I didn’t know what to do with, so I decided to build a flower garden outside my front door. Wish I could fill it up with dirt so that the grass doesn’t show… maybe there are brown rocks or something I could resize. Work in progress!

kitchenKitchen area. I am very pleased with the decision to turn the lighting in the house to dark, since it allows the light fixtures I do use to “pop” more than they would otherwise. I still have some more work to do here, but I am glad how well the rug works as a way to visually separate the kitchen from the rest of the pad.

living1Turning to the right a bit is part of my living room. There’s that window with the lighting fixture behind it to provide those beams of light I talked about a while back. Always love that fireplace, and I put a sleeping hoogle on top of it because why not. The glowing column there spans both floors of the house, as you’ll soon see.

I really would love to get a few nice pieces of furniture for the middle of the floor — a sofa and a highback chair, perhaps.

living2Rotating more to the right is my display area. I have two shelves stuffed with plushies that this game seems to love rewarding for everything. I recently got that Aurin orange window, which I gladly put up to add more color into the room. Not sure if I’m going to keep the pressure divider there, tho. Trying it out for now.

stairsI spruced up my sad stairway with a couple of scones and three pictures. Really happy with how this looks. All stairs need pictures hanging by them, right?

cave1Top of the stairs, second floor. There’s the rest of that glowing column (the lights keep moving on it, I love that). I’m particularly fond of this trophy cabinet, as it has twinkling Christmas lights. I really should look into if there are strings of Christmas lights that I can get. I’d do up this entire room with them if I could.

Over to the left there is a floating TV set. Seems like that frame would get in the way of seeing what was broadcast, but it’s futuristic, so nevermind.

cave2General (wo)man cave stuff. Desk. Dragon with swords in its head. A Lopp fireplace. I just like how cozy all of this feels.

cave3And here’s where I hang out, on this ratty couch underneath a blinking beer sign. Classy!

So obviously lots more to do with all of this, but it’s coming along nicely and I enjoy visiting my house at the end of a session to adjust and add in an object here and there.


**Lazy, what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-post-this-morning

WildStar: Ghostbusters

ghost1Malgrave continues to impress and entertain me in WildStar, drawing off all sorts of wild west tropes for inspiration.

Yesterday’s adventures took place in the not-so-inspired town name of Gravestone. I guess the inhabitants didn’t take the title of the town as an ominous portent, as they stayed there until they were slaughtered by a gang of cowboys looking for some sort of treasure. Naturally, with Nexus’ weird voodoo in effect, both the townsfolk and the gang members have returned as ghosts, and it was up to me to put things right.

I enjoyed the details of the town design, particularly the gallows, the gravestones, and the falling-apart buildings. It really did manage a spot-on impression of a (sorry) ghost town. I took my time going through this; there were not only the quests, but a scientist mission and a challenge as well. The challenge gave me a terrific stocked trophy cabinet decor (with blinking Christmas lights!) that went well in my house’s den.

ghost2None of this was that challenging at all. I’m barely getting XP, as this is level 40 content and I’m already level 45 or 46. But I have no desire to leap-frog over stories and zones I haven’t seen yet, and I’m in no rush to hit the endgame wall. Unlike many of my guild colleagues, attunement is not a goal of mine.

One of the things I’ve noticed about WildStar is that the quest dialogue — as short as it is, with the “tweet-sized” philosophy going on — is quite entertaining if one takes the time to actually read it. Plus there are often those question mark side bars you can take for more details, which I’ve been doing. What I’ve discovered is that so many of the quest givers aren’t quite right in the head and my character has an incredulous and sarcastic outlook on their missions. Oh, she’ll do them, of course, but she’ll be rolling her eyes at why (for example) a bloodthirsty Lopp wants me to collect all of the feet of the bandits in the area. For a foot pile?

Did I mention that I got a Lopp deputy vanity pet from another Malgrave challenge? It absolutely made my day, and now I have this hopping pint-sized cowboy traveling along with me always.

I’ll leave you with this funny bit of discovered lore from Gravestone, which elicited a chuckle from me:


WildStar: Keeping the holo-homefires burning

house1If my kids ever see me launch WildStar, they’ll beg to see my house. They love the housing section far more than seeing any adventuring areas, probably because they have a say in where I put things. Sometimes I get critical feedback like, “Don’t put that THERE. That looks UGLY!” and “Is that dragon on the wall going to eat us?” It’s very helpful.

Anyway, as part of my rebuilding efforts on my Engineer, I scrapped my old starship house and decided to start over with a cozy exile house (I like the little kitchen area, sue me). The starship was neat in many ways, but it was very hard to work with and kind of visually dominated the landscape.

house2One of the first things I did with this house was to build a second story. I don’t need some gobsmackingly large house (Guild Wars 2’s idea of guild housing was so large that it felt like a turn-off to me), but there’s some nice vertical space in this structure and I felt that it’d be a waste not to get a second floor out of it. Wasn’t too hard in the end, although the stairs look a little weird. At least it works.

house3I also turned the lighting from “cute” to “really dark.” I wanted to experiment with lighting here, and lighting shows up best when everything’s pretty dark.

One thing I’m pretty proud of was putting a light behind the Aurin stained glass window up there so it looks like there’s light streaming in. I had to cover up a dangling part of it upstairs with a dresser, but I felt pleased with the end result.

WildStar: Ode to Lifty

lifty1In the Exile capital of Thayd there are many unusual sights, if you’re willing to slow down and take the time to look. One that’s been charming me over the past few weeks is seeing Lifty come through.

lifty2Lifty is a hover lift that goes on an endless circuit with its cargo. It’s an utterly unremarkable piece of machinery save for one thing.

lifty3When Lifty encounters players, it doesn’t merely go through them or bump them aside. Oh no. Lifty picks them up and takes them along for the ride.

lifty4Thus, it’s not uncommon to spot Lifty dragging along two or three AFK players, sometimes on mounts, all over the city. Sometimes I even like to hitch a ride myself, because what are video games for if not to take you on a sight-seeing tour.

Oh Lifty, you are wonderous. Never change, good buddy!

WildStar: Heading back to the open frontier

m1After a couple of weeks of fooling about with my Mordesh Spellslinger, I’ve been feeling increasingly convicted that I needed to get back to my Engie. Maybe it’s when the newness of an alt wears off and you realize that you’ve got a lot of repeated content to plow through to get to the stuff you haven’t seen — and your high-level is right there.

Another big concern is my in-game finances. I’m practically broke and questing on a low-level is not a fast path to refilling my coffers. It would be really great if I could start raking in enough to buy CREDD to cover my summer subscription until free-to-play hits, but that might be a while yet.

m2So I switched back over, parking my Spellslinger in Thayd to run challenges for loot and took my Engineer to Malgrave for the first time. And after a couple of hours there last night, I felt very pleased with my decision.

Coming after the dense jungle biome of Wilderrun, Malgrave is a welcome return to the “wild west” feel of Algaroc. It’s definitely more of a desert than Malgrave’s southwest charm held, but I’m enjoying the wide open spaces and line-of-sight to targets too much to care about the lack of pine trees.

Plus, there are cowboy Freebots. And Llop. And Protostar. That’s like my favorite NPC line-up right there. Man, I’d love to play a Freebot character with a duster.

And egads, the quest density. I started vacuuming them up, left and right, filling up my log and giving me more than enough to do. A particular highlight was heading into a crashed ship that apparently had a Chua holographic AI take it over. It was a neat example of telling a story not just in quest text, but in the environment and speech bubbles.

I also got a kick out of the assignment to kill Spidertron by Protostar. The company made the important distinction that it would not be paying for the live delivery of Spidertron. I get the feeling that it’s been burned before.

m3It wasn’t all questing and killing in the wild, wild west. With lots of new costume pieces, I couldn’t resist putting together a new outfit for my Engie. Let me tell you this, I would kill for some white dye. I don’t even want to look it up on the auction house, because I’m quite sure that it’s far beyond my reach. Plus, my money would be better spent on housing upgrades and CREDD.

Anyway, I felt pleased with the final result. Used a dark, dark gray and a bold red as the color scheme, and picked pieces that left my fingers and toes free. Kind of going for a parkour look here. I can’t wait to get more costume slots; four is simply not enough.

Another item on my to-do list is to redo my housing plot from the ground-up. It looks very slap-dash compared to what I had on my Spellslinger. I’m swapping out FABkits to try to create a more uniform look, and I used the handy vendor to reclaim my lost festival FABkits. I’m torn between buying a spacious home for 3 plat or saving up. A new ground cover would be welcome as well. Choices, choices!

WildStar: Building a new home

As I mentioned last week, my WildStar time has been consumed by going on new adventures with a lowbie Spellslinger called Syppi Widdershins (hit me up in game on Entity!). The different playstyle coupled with the move back to the Settler path has left a good feeling in my tummy, and I’ve blazed my way through Algeroc already.

My primary goal with this character is to enjoy what I like in the game the most, which is casual questing and home building. I’ve been working on making a comfy virtual nest in several ways.

The first is through tracking down challenges that reward FABkits and decor, then doing those until I get what I want. However, when I really want to stock up on decor I head to Thayd and do a series of three challenges within five minutes, each of which have a shot at granting a bag that holds a random decor object.

My route goes as follows:

  • Thayd Sprint: Start at the north section and do this fast race down to the south. I’ve got it down so that I can hit the finish line in less than a minute and get the gold rating.
  • Then right north of the finish line is Fortune’s Advertising. Pass out flyers to prospective shoppers. I only do 14 of these to get the bronze rating, because I’m not a complete masochist. That takes about one minute.
  • While the timer runs down on that one, I hop up the stairs to the north and start One Exile’s Trash. Twelve pieces of trash later (another minute) to get me a silver rating, and by then the first challenge has completed.

It’s a nice, breezy series of challenges, and what I really like is that I am getting good stuff no matter what. There are dyes, crafting components (which I now need), and vendor-able stuff, so even if I don’t get decor, oh well. It’s so breezy, in fact, that sometimes I log on to my old Engineer, run through it, then do the same on my Spellslinger.

The second way — and this feels like a bit of a cheat — is by soliciting donations from my guild. We have a very active crafter who loves making housing stuff, so she sent me three pieces of mail stuffed with a variety of goods. With that, I was able to deck out my cozy Exile human house (Carbine, why no Mordesh house?) in no time flat.

“Cozy” is real estate talk for “really dang tiny,” which is apt when it comes to this house. There’s just not a lot of floor space, and apart from making another floor myself, I had to pick and choose between decor as to how I wanted to decorate. I settled on a kitchen area, a living room, and a tiny partitioned bedroom. I picked and chose between my favorite items — such as a hanging clock, the nautical couch, and the fireplace — and created a space that feels welcoming and fun.

The third way is by leveling up my architecture profession. That will be a slow, little bit at a time exercise, but I’m excited to do it. I’ve already stocked up on mats and turned a couple of my housing plots to assist in the effort.

If I had one wish for housing plots, it would be to expand the size of the island to allow for more FABkit spots. It’s almost suffocating how few (6) of them you can utilize, especially when you need half of them for crafting (garden, salvage plot, crafting station). Right now my entire island is full up, and I’m only level 16.

Happy birthday WildStar!

danceoffWildStar may not have in-game events or holidays — yet — but at least the team didn’t skimp on the gifts for its first anniversary. None of those tacky and useless fireworks, no sirree. We got a whole basket of toys yesterday, including:

  • A pet Rowsdower that looks as though it ran through a candy store and got half of the products stuck to it (I love it so much)
  • An item that makes your character throw confetti and celebrate
  • A giant cupcake decor item for houses
  • A title
  • And — the best of all — a boombox that starts a one-person dance party. When I click on it, my character starts slowly dancing, then goes faster as a disco ball and then a spotlight appears. It’s like the good ol’ City of Heroes boombox taken to the next generation. Using this for the first time brought tears to my eyes.

As the above picture might indicate, I’ve not been playing my Engineer lately. Instead, ever since the free-to-play announcement I had an overwhelming desire to roll up a new character and try out a few different things. So I’ve been playing a Mordesh Spellslinger who’s doing the Settler path, and generally having a great time with her. She’s also got an outfit that has spurs on her boots. Spurs. Yippie-ki-yay, I’m a space cowboy zombie!

My biggest goal with her is to really focus on housing, so I’m tracking down any challenges that reward decor and fabkits as well as leveling up my architecture crafting skill. She’s taken survivalist for mats while my Engineer’s been pitching in by returning to the lowbie zones to mine ore for metal.

The Spellslinger’s more of a straight-forward attack class than the Engineer — a little less durable, but it makes up for it in heals and mobility. I’m focusing so hard on beefing up assault power to pump up my damage numbers and getting a good damage rotation going. So far, it’s been paying off quite nicely. Sometimes you just want to pew-pew with no added frills, y’know?

Anyway, happy birthday WildStar! It’s been an interesting ride from launch to here, and I can say that I’m quite glad I’m back on board for this transitional period. Here’s hoping for many more birthdays to come.