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What Would You Do For A WAR Code Card? Contest Winners!

a_winner_is_you_1024-590x442A week ago we asked our readers what they would do for a WAR code card — and we’re happy to say we got a ton of responses, out of which seven winners were picked!  Each of the following had a code for four in-game items sent to their e-mail:

  1. Stargrace – “I’d leave a comment on this blog, and seriously consider giving the game another shot – which is pretty impressive for me.”
  2. Whistle – “I’d French-kiss a squiggy!”
  3. Yipiyip – “i would level my rr70 marauder to 80 i think thats the most hardcore test ever!!! AND i would delete my 40 bw !!!”
  4. Vekkth – “I cant honestly tell you what i would FOR a card, because unfortunately i dont play WAR at all anymore, but i am certainly sure what i would do WITH it – would send it to my close friend who is one of those “never give up” Warhammer setting fan, who plays WaR since release and not going to stop. If anyone deserve a card, its him.”
  5. Krosuss – “I would sing your praises from here to there as the bestest gaming blog out there!  Then in game I would spam region chat telling everyone to “Read Biobreak Blog! Read Biobreak Blog! Do it for Syp!” Then I’ll quickly be added to a multitude of ignore lists.”
  6. WalterD – “Oi! For a WAR card, I’d ‘ug a stuntie!  But only for a second! And not in front of da boyz!”
  7. Maladorn – “I would storm the halls of the Inevitable City and start blogging about Warhammer and gaming again. There’d be bits of WAR ‘n Pieces everywhere from the furry of my blogging hammer (Warrior Priest blogger, otherwise I’d use a sword). I’d bring special reports from all of the defeated Fortress Lords, City Lords, Warlords, and High Lords, including such insightful questions as: “Which class would you blame for your defeat on this day?” “Why couldn’t your side be bothered to come defend, even after the new patch?” AND “What do you think of my spiky hairdo?”  All this and more if Syp will simply see fit to send a special code my way. Hurry, supplies are limited, and when they’re gone I’ll be one sad Warrior Priest. Send a code in the next 10 hours, and I’ll add rerolling my Choppa and Slayer absolutely free. That’s a 40 hour value, at no cost to you.”

7 thoughts on “What Would You Do For A WAR Code Card? Contest Winners!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for picking me!

    Tonight during RvR I will shout it in region about your blog. If not on my BW Kro then on one of my many ALTs. I have a bunch.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. thanks a lot, man. already passed the card to its current owner. hope to get some screenies from him 🙂

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