RIFT Hoarder’s Edition

hoarders-fb-200x200RIFT has been on my backburner for a while now and may well continue to stay there. I’ve just gotten a little burned out on it and have other, more pressing (and interesting) game goals elsewhere. But it’s also hard to stop logging in at least once a day to pick up my free daily gift and to send my minions out on a rampage.

That’s started to create a problem for my inventory, actually. The artifacts I already have and all of the crafting mats get thrown onto the auction house on a weekly basis, bringing in a nice stream of near-effortless revenue. When I get up to around 1200 plat, I buy some REX, spend the credits, and start the cycle anew.

But where the problem lies is in the sheer volume of housing items (and dimensions) that my minion army is bringing back. Whereas in some MMOs a housing item is a semi-rare treasure, in RIFT with minions it’s a tidal wave of stuff. I keep separating it into three piles: stuff I want to use, stuff I can sell for a decent profit on the AH, and stuff that’s just vendor trash. Gradually, that first pile grows and grows and grows, even with only a daily injection of minion missions.

This is like #firstMMOworldproblems, I know. Not only are my bags bursting, but I have a TON of stuff in housing escrow that needs placing. What I need to do is to go into housing and place all the things, a project which would probably take an hour or more. And I keep putting that off because I’m not really playing RIFT (and hence, not really needing the housing).

So I’ve become a hoarder. Maybe I need an intervention.

RIFT: Serving a life sentence on Goboro Reef

reef1Do you ever get bogged down in a zone and feel like you’ve been there forever and will probably never leave?  When every log in feels like a reminder that you’re stuck in a prison of developer design?

That’s pretty much where I’m at in RIFT’s Goboro Reef and why I haven’t talked about this game in a while.  Somewhere along the way, the unrelenting pink-and-purple landscape got to me, the quests took too long to do, and my progression’s slowed to a crawl.  I’ve had many days where I only log in to do dailies and then zip back out of there lest I be reminded of my incarceration.

So why has this happened?  The story is actually not half bad, especially with the amusing and somewhat terrifying story of Finric and his alternate realities.  And then there’s the above winged lady who’s leading a burning invasion into the place, because that’s what you do when you see a waterworld: You try to burn it up.  Makes sense.

If not the story, then what?  First, I am not a fan of this landscape.  Oh, the “former wet reef is now exposed to the dry air” was a neat twist, but now that I’ve had to weave my way through the valleys and crags for days on end, I’ve grown weary of it and missing the early portion when I could swim over and under it all.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish that there was more underwater adventures in this zone, not less.

Second, my build just isn’t working any more.  I thought that once I geared up with new Nightmare Tide quest rewards that my relative DPS output would get back to where it was with Storm Legion, but nope, it’s far weaker than it’s ever been.  Standard mobs have a much higher health pool then before and I’m going through too many rotations trying to burn them down.  I’ve even found myself dying to stupid stuff that shouldn’t have even touched me before.

reef2I know that sounds like whining, and I guess it is, but there’s a combat sweet spot between things being too easy and too hard or aggrivating.  I feel like I’ve wandered into the latter territory and it’s not made for fun fights.

So I might be abandoning my trusty Bladedancer build.  I’m going back to a Saboteur/Ranger setup to have a pet take the damage while I build up charges and get some heavy DoTs ticking down.  It works, although it too is much slower to kill than what I’ve seen in the past.

Really, I just want to be done with this area and experience something new.  I not only have two more Nightmare Tide zones after this, but I think they’re adding a fourth area this week with 3.1.  Gotta get a move on, little doggy!

My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #7: RIFT’s Nightmare Tide

nightmareThe allure and promise of Nightmare Tide pulled me back into RIFT this fall, and I am quite glad for it.  It’s been a nice long streak thus far, playing a brand-new character from level 1 to (currently) 61 while plowing through the original game, Storm Legion, and now Nightmare Rift.

While I’m not fully through Nightmare Rift yet — it will probably be months yet — I can say that it’s a far more streamlined and compelling narrative than has come before.  I really thought it would be nothing more than swimming, but instead it’s been more about the unwanted lack of water and a desire to see it return to the plane.

What’s been even more interesting are the new bullet point features with NT, including the nightmare rifts (wild group experiences), being able to sidekick up to friends, and best of all, the minion system.  Minions have been overshadowed by both what’s come before (STO’s duty officers and SWTOR’s crew skills) and this year’s WoW garrisons, but I find them an amusing side diversion that nets me some nice rewards (and cash), feeds my collector’s urges, and involves a smidge of strategy.

I’ve also really enjoyed playing a Rogue as a Bladedancer, which was quite unexpected considering how little I usually do melee classes.  But it’s so versatile and self-sufficient that I have a hard time playing any other build right now.