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Fallen Earth’s State of the Game – Thoughts and Analysis

falloutNever let it be said that the Fallen Earth team is lounging about — apparently, the best is still ahead!  Here’s a breakdown of their recent State of the Game post:

It’s been a month since early access launched, we’ve done patches, major optimizations and are finally able to catch our breath a bit. We’re seeing consistently strong sales and building a great community. We figured this would be a good time to address some questions and give everyone an update on where we are and where we’re going.

We’re currently testing our first big patch 1.1.0 which includes one of our patented wall of patch notes. For those of you who have been tirelessly helping in New Player Chat, your job is about to get easier!

I can only assume that they’re going to include some sort of macro system so that experienced players can hit a button to say “You can’t put your mount back in your bag” to the 9,000 times that question is posed every day.

We’re adding an extended training area into each starter town so folks can learn more about basics like crafting, harvesting, buying and using mounts, how to use mail and other essential skills.

This is a GREAT addition, and something I mentioned they needed a little while back.  One of the most-cited barriers of entry into this game is the point right after the tutorial, when players are dumped into the full world without any guidance, and they feel overwhelmed and a bit clueless as a result.  If they can eliminate that awkward period, then it can only help the game’s future numbers.

We also reorganized town events like the Embry Monster Hunt to have a better flow, although you may be too busy fighting off zombies in our Halloween event to notice our many pages of bug fixes and tweaks. Stay tuned for more details on that soon!

Halloween event?  Zombies?  Okay, I’m down with that.

Following patch 1.1.0, we will work to resolve issues related to accessing promotional items cross-character on user accounts in addition to a few quick bug fixes.

As of right now, your first created character gets whatever promotional item (Steam t-shirt, ATV, horse) that you might have earned, but your subsequent characters do not.  This has been a much-requested fix.

We’re also working on more content in the levels 32–35. You’ll also see upgrades to the updater, significantly cutting down on the “Collating Data” phase and helping with some of our European download rates.

I obviously can’t speak to the amount of content in the 32–35 range, but as of right now the launcher does take a tad too long in getting us in the game.

The following patch, 1.2.0, will include an increased focus on group-oriented and social content, such as camps, that we’ve heard players want. Obviously there’s a lot of info to unpack in this patch but you’ll see more on that in the coming weeks and months.

Camps?  As in player or clan housing?  That’d be awesome!  Fallen Earth really does have a void when it comes to pure fluff, which might not be as apparent right now, but will certainly become an issue in the future for people who like this world, yet don’t have a lot of ways to “live” in it.

We keep a pretty consistent presence on the forums and general chat to see how the community is doing and want to let you know we hear you. We want to use this opportunity to weigh in on some topics that seem to come up a lot:

• Fast Travel: Long term, we will likely have some manner of fast travel between sectors (probably barter town to barter town). Once we get to areas such as Sector 5, traveling back to the beginning sectors will be a HUGE pain in the butt (imagine traveling about twice the length of the existing game).  Although fast travel is further down the road, when it does get set up it will be limited, expensive, and between a very strict number of settlements.

This might be controversial, since the lack of fast travel and the dependence upon mounts for getting anywhere is one of the cornerstones to making FE’s world seem huge and immersive.  Yet they point out that this won’t happen until sometime in the future when they’ve added more sectors (right now we are capped at Sector 3) and the length of travel becomes far too ridiculous for even mounts.  Can I put another vote in for trains as fast travel?

• Respec: We will probably have some manner of very limited respec options in the future. What would like to help the people who spend a few points wrong and want to fix those mistakes, not folks who want to rebuild their whole character. The specifics are still up in the air, but it will be expensive, slow, and limited.

Thumbs up for this.  They really can’t do a full respec in this game, as skills and tradeskills and stats and AP are all intertwined, but I can totally see them enabling a player to slowly take out AP from one of these areas that they might have mistakenly invested in and reinvesting them into their focus.

• Box Sales: We acknowledge the difficulty some folks have had trying to acquire a physical box copy from their local retailer. We are working hard with our distributor to remedy those situations and open up new channels for folks to buy including the ability to buy directly from

We are incredibly pleased with how our first month has gone. We’ve overcome a number of hurdles and seen a great response from the community. You make our game great. Keep evangelizing Fallen Earth and letting the world know about your new home. Bang down the doors of retailers and let them know they need Fallen Earth on their shelves. You are the lifeblood of this company and we need you to help spread the word. Thank you for making Fallen Earth great!

Well, I’m trying my best, Fallen Earth team!  You guys are doing a heckuva job, and I can’t wait to see how this game grows in the future!

7 thoughts on “Fallen Earth’s State of the Game – Thoughts and Analysis

  1. Loving the FE love…

    Trains/monorails that have been rebuilt, world event to build/repair – leads to interesting PVE/PVP opportunities … “great train robbery” scenes – the imagination runs wild. More people need to buy the game and fund some more devs on the live team.

    Any other blogs commenting on FE regularly? I’ve seen comments at Hardcore Casual I think, and the podcast at lifenet/lagwar is cool.

  2. I have no idea if the broken-down monorail in sector 1 extends to other sectors, but if it does, a rebuilt monorail system might be a good method of fast transportation. The train idea is also great.

    But part of me hopes that whatever they do decide to do makes it seem like we’re actually TRAVELING… not just being ported to another area.

  3. When I read this list on the site, I had pretty much the same reactions you have here.

    I hope fast travel doesn’t get added until after they add more Sectors / zones. I’ll throw in a vote for trains too and I’ll second moxie’s opinion that whatever system they implement it’d be nice if it actually travelled rather than ported.

    I would really like to see player housing of some kind, maybe something like SWG has. Player shops (not AFK ones, but actual shops) would be great too.

    It’s always so easy to make a wish list. =)

  4. Wow.

    I found your website recently and have enjoyed your FE posts. The more you post about it the more my will to play it increases. Gah!

    How much fun is a fps mmo? More importantly, how long will the novelty last? Is it based on skill or SWG based?

    I recently started wow again to try my hand at raising a bit, but wow is wow and not much has changed.

    Is there faction grinding in the game? How is inventory management handled? Can you purchase larger bags? Is there a bank type system?

    Are clans like guilds? What benefits do the offer? Are there labels over each members heads? Clan bank?

    Any point in melee? Wonder if they could buff melee players to take less damage from ranged shots from players and possibly remove crit headshaots?

    Is there much lag? Is there a latency monitor? If so, what are your averages?


    What kind of things bring you back into the game? I know that other games throw pvp, faction grinding, dailies, etc at you; what does FE give you?

    Thanks for all the answers.


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