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EverQuest 2: The Search for More Money

If no one else will say it, I will — I think SOE has big brother blizzard envy, and the $25 price tag for their new “exclusive” mount is a desperate attempt to follow their role model.

I mean, $25?  Exactly?

Anyway, SOE’s now on board with this $25 “micro”transaction nonsense, which I guess proves that Blizzard knocked down the barrier to people saying this is stupidly pricey.  I mean, there’s your defense right now — “Why are you complaining?  WoW had a $25 horse, so why can’t we?”

What I’m waiting for is the point where something balances out this rush to see how much MMOs can charge for content before people stop paying.  Maybe it’ll come when a contemporary also has a cash shop, but charges far less, putting the pricey opposition in a terrible light.

Rant over — the big question remains: which is a better title for SOE’s new mount, Copykat, Cash Cat, or Greed Steed?

18 thoughts on “EverQuest 2: The Search for More Money

  1. I just saw the email in my inbox. I have to say I would pay the $25 for any of the mounts they made purchaseable. They put the celestial steed to shame. The mounts actually look awesome.

    I only played EQII for about 5 minutes, but if I played it I would definitely have my wallet out for one of those mounts.

  2. What gets me is that they didn’t have the creativity to make it unique. $25 for a mount, exactly the same as WoW. So I’d vote for CopyKat.

  3. A low price mount from a competitor would only signal an inferior product. Like how we rarely see MMOs come out with a monthly sub under $15 (almost always FTP or $15). We’re more likely to see similar priced items that offer more advantages.

  4. Yep, I have to agree, those mounts are a good bit cooler than Blizz’s Greed Steed. I would call it the Cash Cat. 😉

    BTW, on the subject of the Greed Steed…

    Totally NSFW, but funny as heck.

  5. For comparison: you can buy everquest 2 and all but the most recent x-pack for $20. So this mount is apparently worth $5 more than the game itself. Or at least more than the game was worth 3 months ago.

  6. Amused by people stating which is the coolest mount, as if it’s a fact and not totally subjective.

    I’m most intrigued by the notion that it gives you buffs in combat. It’s very bizarre to me that in EQ2 you can go into combat on horseback and set the UI to … make it look as though you are on foot.

  7. I liked “cash cat” myself.

    I’m waiting for the first $50 and $75 item from Blizzard. I’m pretty certain we’ll see it.

  8. I said it on your last post.

    Other devs look up to Blizzard because they are super successful and will follow their lead. It’s happening already.

    What’s depressing is that people are falling for it hook line and sinker. When are people going to wake up and realise they are being taken for a ride (punlols)?

    What’s the next step? I’ve got a pretty good idea: raising the bar.

    It won’t end till people get a grip. If you support this move then you are encouraging a horrible business practice.

  9. I find it discouraging to hear comments about whether one mount is cooler than the other and I think its even more disheartening to hear people are willing to make the purchase. These aren’t things you get to take home you know. You still don’t own the item and its not something you can sell later on Ebay or in your yard sale.

    When people buy into this crap it only perpetuates the cycle and encourages these companies to continue taking advantage of their customers (YOU). They could at least send you a model or some other physical representation of the virtual item you purchased so when you quit the game you don’t feel the guilt from all the money you could have saved and used to feed your children.

    It’s no wonder other countries think Americans are all fat and wealthy. It certainly sends that message when we are willing to waste money on crap like like this.

  10. Gee, have you ever played Magic the Gathering, YuGioh, Pokemon, Bakugan, Attacktix, etc, etc, etc? Then you’ll know what spending money is like.

    In a free market, people vote with their dollars. We’ve seen the industry correct itself in the case of Allods, so we know that they don’t control us as much as vice versa.

    It is probably only a good think that Blizzard and SOE can fill up their coffers from these microtransactions. Even if they don’t use the $$ to make better games, other studios will see it and jump in with new games. Consumers will always go to where they get the best entertainment for their $$.

    I don’t particulary like that athletes, rock stars, and actors make more than engineers (me), but it’s infinitely better than somebody instituting price controls, salary controls, etc (hi public school teachers!).

  11. So disappointed. Been waiting for Syp to rip into Blizzard for their new App based Auction House. I guess I’ll have to bring it up in a somewhat related post. 😉

    Basically the app is free if you just want look at auctions, but it’s $3/m if you want to buy and sell stuff through it.

    Vanity items, like mounts and pets, BFD! It doesn’t affect game play or give other advantages/disadvantages, it’s purely for lulz.

    The new Auction House app, does give the person willing to pony up the extra couple of bucks a distinct advantage. I am totally against this and this is a defining moment (for me) where Blizzard has jumped the shark.

  12. I have to go with CopyKat.

    I saw this yesterday. Sent the link to a buddy of mine and stated that SOE is copying Blizzard, for the worse.

  13. I think Syeric explains things pretty well. Here’s something to consider:

    “Consider the premise behind the subscription fee in the first place. Why does it exist? To fund the continued development of the game, surely, but also to act as a ticket towards all of the content in the game.”

  14. Whats the over/under on how many years before we see dolce and gabbana or any other ridiculously expensive real life expressions of wealth put into mmos?

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