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Really, Laerdan? REALLY?

“Dear Syp,

I’m sorry to deceive you, but I sent you out on those three silly errands so that I could go bat-poop crazy and take the ring — you know, the one you’ve painstakingly assembled over the course of weeks — straight to EnemyVille.  Please enjoy this complimentary spit in your face.



Oh, buddy.  I’m sorry, but now it’s ON.

And people wonder why I hate elves.  It’s because of crap like this.  Seriously, Turbine better give me the option to show this pointy-ear the backside of my hand when we next meet, because that’s how I like to roleplay.

One thought on “Really, Laerdan? REALLY?

  1. You won’t exactly be able to show him the backside of your hand in future episodes but when you see him again you can always do the /slap emote. It’s what I like to do with characters I don’t like.


    Also, you will be actually doing a session play with him where you get to be him. It is actually kind of fun. Maybe you could run him off a cliff or something, lol.

    ***end spoiler***

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