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FemWarrior (#lotro #gw2 )

Anyone watch Game of Thrones?  Of course you do.  Apart from HBO’s obnoxious overuse of gratuitous sex scenes and nudity (I thought SNL did a great sendup of this), I’ve been loving how wonderful this adaptation of Martin’s books has been progressing.  Last night my wife and I caught up with the episode where one of my favorite characters, Brienne of Tarth, was introduced.  She’s such a fascinating character to me — not the smartest person, fairly ugly to look at, and generally more masculine than all the guys around her, yet she’s also loyal to a fault, full of integrity, and a kick-butt warrior.

Kick-butt female warriors are a staple in geek fiction — almost a cliche, really — but one thing that I’ve noticed is that all of these tend to be tiny, lithe girls (with abnormally large bosoms).  Brienne strikes my fancy in that she’s the exact opposite: Tall, imposing, muscular, and the very definition of a battle-hardened warrior rather than a runway model playacting at fighting.

Why do I bring this up?  Because I’m finding myself much more interested in making Briennes than Buffys in MMOs.  As you all well know, I generally play female characters in MMOs as well as the smallest, tiniest race I can find.  And while my SWTOR toon is a stick-thin goth girl, I’m losing my taste for that sort of thing.  Rather, I want a woman who looks like she really could take care of herself in a fight.

It’s why I’m quite partial to my LOTRO Captain.  She looks most at home in heavy suits of armor and wielding a giant two-handed blade, and I enjoy feeling like she’s brute-forcing her way through mobs instead of doing a cute little dance o’ death while wearing stilettos.  It’s also why I’ll definitely be rolling a hulking Norn fighter in Guild Wars 2 in the beta this weekend (I’m less than pleased with how ArenaNet isn’t allowing us to make ugly characters or even adult-looking human females).

I’m past wanting cutsie, cuddly lingerie models who don’t have a scratch on them wading through the fray — I want the believability of a character who looks as though they’ve been around the block and picked their teeth with manicured mall-walkers.  Brienne, you can fight for me any day of the week.

12 thoughts on “FemWarrior (#lotro #gw2 )

  1. Tbh I never understood what do other guys like about playing with such an unlikely warrior. I can appreciate feminine beauty, but it simply doesn’t fit well in that environment.
    My cappy is a guy, btw, but that doesn’t change the fact that I like the full heavy armour set 😀

  2. How does the original Everquest female ogre model grab you? Or the female dwarf complete with beard?

    I like a wide variety, meself. These days I have a strong preference for non-humans, either so small you can hardly see them or eight feet tall and still growing. Any gender or none is fine. After more than half a decade mostly playing bipedal rats, foxes, lizards or cats even dwarves and gnomes are starting to feel a little uncomfortably humanoid. That said, there’s really nothing wrong with a cute goth, just so long as there no elven blood involved.

    My picks for GW2 chose themselves, really. Charr this weekend, Asura when we get ’em.

  3. SWTOR body type 3. I love it. Tall, muscular and if you pick just the right face to compliment it? very imposing. I still gave my trooper a pretty face, but my bounty huntress? you do NOT want to meet her in a dark alley, oh no.

    also – World of Warcraft’s female orcs. love.

    P.S. they did a great job with Brienne’s casting

  4. I was disappointed with the norn chick models. There seems to be 3 basic types with slight variations: normal, skinny, & chubby. You can put a little muscle definition on them, but it only gets applied to the abdominal area.

    I was kinda hoping it’d be possible to make them look more like this but alas. Their hair is lacking in longer options too. No giant braids anywhere in sight. Very disappointing.

    I can only hope there is a bare chested option for the guys.

  5. It’s no surprise to me personally, but I seem to be reading this exact sentiment in a lot of places recently. It’s almost like we’ve collectively had our fill of the stupidity of most MMOs treatment of females (though I’m sure this sentiment has been expressed many, many times before…sadly with no real change).

    And yet, for all we rail against it, we have games, like TERA, and SWTOR, and, yes, GW2, that constantly push this nonsense in our faces? When are the devs going to learn that not only are we no longer pimply teenagers slavering over our monitors, but that they are likely alienating 51% of the population?

    I can appreciate feminine beauty, but this is the EXACT reason I never, ever, create female characters. It’s also why I’ve always appreciated games like LotRO and STO.

  6. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to play a Sylvari in this weekend’s beta — and I fully expect frilly and feminine on them, being flower/plant (elf) people and all. Then again, my lovely high elf in EQ2 is completely covered from the neck down and wears sensible shoes.

    Wow, was I disappointed when I found my Norn Mesmer running around in heels with her buttcheeks hanging out. What are we, 12? Seriously, I am so DONE with this kind of art direction.

    Honestly, it was enough to make me regret buying the game. Well, that and the fact that Mesmers start out with melee weapons. Really? I can’t seem to stay alive. Some random kind soul just gave me a scepter, so we’ll see how that works.

  7. I was delighted to find out that I can make a pear-shaped human female in GW2 – hide-hipped, but with virtually no chest.

  8. 3 years after release, many players are wondering what could’ve been- GW2’s very kid-friendly and cartoonish. Definitely makes LOTRO look like something for the grown-ups.

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