NBI 2014 needs community leaders

Veteran, newbie, and potential bloggers, heads up!  The folks over at the NBI headquarters have announced that this year’s month-long project will be coming up soon and they need community leaders:

It’s that time of year to consider having the NBI. It’s unbelievable that Spring is here already and unlike last fall, I want to get ahead on this years event. Especially since the ideal time for it is May, leading into school dismissal in the US and Summer free time for everyone who works less during that time of year. It’s usually a pretty optimistic time in the blogging community.

I want to put out a call for community leaders who want to help organize this years NBI. It’s a blank slate. There’s nothing stopping us from doing completely different things this year or trying new ideas. Your participation requires only a few things:

You’re passionate about blogging.
You’re passionate about games.
You want to lead.

You won’t be required to give speeches or visit my home for dinner (though you’d probably really like the bowls of milk here). You just have to care and be interested in helping with the event.


One thought on “NBI 2014 needs community leaders

  1. Doone April 4, 2014 / 8:15 pm

    Thanks for the support Syp 🙂 Always appreciated. Such a dutiful founder, you are.

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