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LOTRO: Dragging my butt all over Middle-earth

Between scavenger hunts, kinship parties, Bingo Boffin, and general wanderlust, I’ve been bouncing around in Middle-earth like a deranged tourist over the past month. Even after 10 years of playing this game, I’m still taking tons of screenshots, so I’m going to unload some of them this week in a bit of a random travelogue.

The above? Kin party with giant oversized shrews. I don’t know how they got these shrews so big, but they definitely threatened to ruin LOTRO’s famed immersion. Me? I didn’t mind so much.

Looking and acting like a doof, I could see Bingo Boffin getting on people’s nerves, but for me he happens to land on the side of endearment. I think it’s because he’s so helpless and enthusiastic about it, and also because going on his quests is like babysitting a small death-prone child. I’m very familiar with that by now in real life, so why not in MMOs?

Here, Bingo goes “swimming.” It’s pretty funny.

The cow on the roof of Buckland’s great hall never ceases to amuse me when I swing by this town. Cows aren’t meant to be so lofty, but this one does not look very concerned. Maybe he’s a spy for Sauron and this is the highest vantage point he could find.

The interior of Tom Bombadil’s house is so sumptuous and warm, I wish it was my player house. This just exudes “home” to me.

Meanwhile, Bingo gets totally smashed and starts dancing on plates of duck and ribs while singing. He’s in danger even in a tavern, but I’m too hungry to care.

Welcome to Hogwarts! Today we’re going to learn a curse that will turn you into a wraith and make you serve the Dark Lord! Or it’ll summon licorice. Both are pretty evil.

In my opinion, you can’t really take a bad screenshot of these statues, although my preference is a good nighttime picture.

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