LOTRO: Dead man’s party

Hi-five there, Mr. Skeleton! Keeping it jaunty and friendly in your old age, aren’t you?

Year Eight of the scavenger hunt is upon us, and this week there were a couple of decent options available. I pushed Gimli aside in favor of a relatively quick jaunt around the local haunts and tombs of Middle-earth. Start to finish, it took me about a half-hour, with most of the locations in Bree’s Barrow Downs.

Again, this is why I love these scavenger hunts, because they take us to places I either have never seen before in the game or back to a place long forgotten. I’m having fun being a total tourist, taking pictures left and right. Feels a little… wrong, doing this in all of these tombs, but since the residents are walking around, I think they probably like the attention.

OK, maybe I’m a little weird in MMOs, but one thing I like to do when a mob isn’t aggroing me (if I have stealth or am much higher level than it) is to get really close and take examine it without worrying about it thrashing about in combat.

Here is a side view of one of the decaying walking corpses. It’s an older model, but check out the internal organs of that guy. Wonder what was going through the artist’s head the day her or she made this. Probably, “I could really go for some liver and onions tonight!”

This zombie model really amused me. Lots of sagging skin which makes it look like a mole. Really, what did he look like in life? Probably not much better, I can tell you that! Also, he has a combover, and I cannot be afraid of anything with a combover.

My four-year-old got offended at this guy, saying that he was “naked.” I think he was referring to the patches of skin that were missing, not so much the loincloth. Show some modesty — you’re dead, not buried!

There are so many great tombs in this game, and yet I don’t remember a lot of quests taking me into them. Nice to explore them at my leisure.

True story: I had some lowbie message me, asking me what was up with all of the level 105s running around the place. Apparently this player didn’t know about the anniversary scavenger hunt (or at least this week), so it was really bizarre for him to witness.

I was captivated by whatever dark ritual these ghouls were performing in one of the tombs. Is that blood? Grape-apple juice? Vaporized evil? Or maybe they’re just cooking a stew.


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