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DDO: Epic stories, vague loot

I’m starting to think that DDO is treating me like a very little child who is in constant danger of shooting myself in the foot and getting lost in a straight hallway.

Last week was absolutely tremendous for me in Dungeons and Dragons Online. I wasn’t merely logging on to do a single mission a night, but would often get sucked into doing multiple runs — especially when I got going with a few of the bigger story chains like the Sharn Syndicate, Shan-To-Kor, and my favorite, the Catacombs. I would often stick around to see how it all turned out, with that “just one more” voice urging me on.

This means that I’ve now gotten the Marketplace almost entirely wrapped up, with my Artificer sitting at level 7 for my efforts. My only complaint is that I have absolutely no idea how to pick loot rewards at the end of these quests. D&D has always had some sort of weird calculus expression for what gear does instead of the more streamlined and straightforward stats of modern MMOs, so I am often shrugging when I look at the gear and trying to decide if I should replace what I have or keep it. I look to loot quality and effects, mostly, crossing my fingers that I’m not borking myself in the long run.

Probably the best part of Shan-To-Kor was going down, down, down for a long time in the mission. I really got this sense that I was deeeeeep underground by the time I started exploring these hobgoblin towns. And let me say, I am pretty impressed with how well done — and practical — the hobgoblin architecture is. Looks like a very nice, neat, and orderly city. Shame I had to murder everyone in it.

Because what do I know, I ended up jumping into a group-mandatory dungeon (or a raid? Could’ve been a raid) all by myself. At least I got this screenshot before the first enemy used my face to wipe that dingy spot off the floor.

Another great thing about my adventures is that I’m finally getting past the very boring sewers-and-warehouse settings that were prevalent in the early levels. Lots of very creative designs and some neat sights. And what level isn’t improved by slathering it with spidey-sense?

One piece of gear I will never get rid of is my boots of feather fall. I just love floating down any time I have to jump from heights. It’s even better when I can rapidly fire at enemies down on the floor and kill them by the time I land.

Other than the constant backtracking, I have nothing but praise for Catacombs. So many great levels, some fiendish puzzles, and an exciting ending with a bit of a twist.

Ooh, a ritzy house that I have to go in and plunder? Don’t mind if I do! Again, so much better than sewers.

I really liked this art gallery. You get to play the thief here, disabling traps and using different stats to try to actually swipe the items. I do not regret investing tons of skill points into spot and disarm trap. They are literal lifesavers in this game.

11 thoughts on “DDO: Epic stories, vague loot

  1. There is a Ring of Feathers that drops at the end chest in Shan to kor that we used to try to get. has no minimum level. Feather fall is more common on items now I suppose. The rogue skills Artifacer gets makes the character very versatile as well as the defender which can do lever pulling in some quests and most of all rune arms. A good one can really be fun and also lay down the damage, my first good one was Strinati’s Hand Cannon from Three Barrel. Lasted me till I got the Arm of the Archons which charged to level 4. There is even one that fires books but I have not seen it.
    I played Arti when they first came out but stopped after the buzz wore off. I went back to it when gnome come out and now I see how versatile and fun they are to build. As far as loot goes I usually grab the rune arm or crossbow, then go for primary stats like Intelligence or dexterity, the present game really stresses PRR and MMR always good to get those and constitution items for more hit points. Also nice to have something you can put on to help with traps or locks.

  2. Hey Even I think that screenshot with the defender in the foreground is the entrance to the Sharn Syndicate quest Repossession.

  3. I’ve come across this with gear in current DDO and I’m a big D&D nerd, but at some point they seem to have changed gear stats to be much more numerous or detailed. Lots of weird elemental spell power or resist stats that are far removed from 3ed D&D. Lower level loot past the Harbour seems much more powerful although my memory may be faulty, I don’t know when gear was changed and why, but for once I feel myself wanting a ‘hide all the MMO stats’ checkbox as I don’t find them helpful for gear comparisons.

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