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DDO: No tears for Syp

One of the facets that I regret about MMOs is that all of this attention and artistry is paid to enemy mobs that we never really get to examine up close because, you know, of all of the frantic flailing and killing on both sides. So when you get a chance to take a selfie with a friendly mummy, by gum, you DO IT. I’m calling this one “Fred.”

So last Friday evening, we assembled a group to run a couple of Dungeons and Dragons Online dungeons for MJ’s stream at Massively OP. It was MJ, myself, and a few members of Onedawesome, the old Massively DDO guild that still survives — somehow! — to this day.

On tap for that evening was a pair of House P quests. I’ve already done these, but what the heck, it’s always more fun with a group. First up with The Tear of Dhakaan, a “very long” quest that was still a better pick than the team’s first suggestion, which was The Pit. I will never, ever go back to The Pit. The Pit is where my first soul got lost and is still wandering around without hope.

With a full team and on normal mode, we cruised through the dungeon without much difficulty. To be fair, it wasn’t one of DDO’s more brain-bending missions; just a lot of killing and dead hobgoblins. We admired the hobgoblins’ underground dwellings and looted with wild abandon. I was also fully obnoxious with my crossbow. Its fwip-fwip-fwip sound probably continues to ring in my party’s ears.

Hail to the queens, baby!

Then we swung over to the Golden Wing Inn to pick up The Faithful Departed. This was a mis-labeled “medium” quest that really was more “long” than anything, and I remember from the one big twist of trying to keep these Venerated mummies alive in the middle of a firefight. The trick this time around was to de-summon hirelings and pets, because they don’t differentiate between good and bad combatants.

Status effects were the bane of the evening. In the first quest, some of us got shot up with a Ray of Enfeeblement, which instantly made us too weak to carry all of the stuff in our bags. When that happens — because DDO has a weight limit — you really can’t do anything other than move around. You can’t attack, you can’t cast spells, nothing. You’re a helpless babe until the effect wears off.

Then in the second quest was a whole lot of blindness. I got zapped with this twice, and for two-and-a-half minutes each, I was just following the minimap on a dark screen like the dead weight that I was. Sure, my other senses were heightened, but those other senses were mostly “hunger” and “Netflix.” Not very helpful in a group situation.

If you’re so inclined (and bored), you can watch me play through the whole thing in this video:

6 thoughts on “DDO: No tears for Syp

  1. Good times, gratz on achieving the named level. I have a pair of Drow Smoke Goggles that gives blindness immunity but they are level 20 and I always seem to misplace them when they are needed.

  2. Faithful Departed ranks right up there with Stealthy Repossession as far as “quests I never run unless I absolutely positively have to and can’t take a system crash to get out of.”

    But the Pit is awesome! … although after the first time I ran it, I swore I was never ever ever going anywhere near it again.

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