DDO: Don’t fear the Reaper 3

“Hey guys we should split up!”

“That’s the beginning of every bad horror movie, you know?”

And thus began another exciting group outing in Dungeons and Dragons Online, in which a group of slightly overleveled characters try — and succeed — in figuring out how to kill themselves doing low-level quests. We have a very special skillset that becomes a nightmare for people like us.

Before we get into all of that, night rainbows! Brought to you by Turbine and NBC’s The More You Know.

Also, I try to turn into an ursine transport for one of my dragon chums, but alas, mounts are not to be in this game. Wait, DDO doesn’t have mounts? I knew that. I just haven’t really thought about that in a while. That’s so weird.

Anyway, back to questing in the Harbor and Marketplace! With loads of buffs weighing us down and not a small amount of overconfidence, we kept jacking up the difficulty level of our dungeon runs. Reaper One? No sweat. Reaper Two? Well… I can’t really heal myself any more, but we survive. Three? Three smacked us up and down the place.

On one run, someone — don’t look at me — accidentally set the difficulty level to Reaper Ten. A dog was blamed for this. I think we got through two kobolds before the third one nearly wiped us all.

And speaking of wipes, here’s a horrid death trap room on Reaper Three in the process of killing everyone who dared come this way. It was one of those tragedy-upon-tragedy scenarios, where one person would die and another would dash in to grab his or her soulstone, only to die themselves, and then a third person would try to rescue them both, only to… yeah, we were very predictable here.

I think I found a new profession much better suited to my abilities. I’m kind of impressed she’s carrying eight goblets like it ain’t no thing.

All in all, it wasn’t the most productive night, although I did get a couple of slight upgrades in healing gear. I told the group that seeing a +28 heal crit pop over someone’s head was the highlight of the night for me. 28 points! I’m LEGENDARY.

Also, we had a ladder backup and ended up becoming way too intimate with each other as we waited for a pokey puppy to catch up with us.

4 thoughts on “DDO: Don’t fear the Reaper 3

  1. Maude there looks like she’s ready to throw those drinks in the face of the next drunken patron that tries to grab her bum.

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