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Quest for Glory IV: Edgy adventurers hang out in cemeteries

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1993’s Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Here’s a good pro-tip for any of you Quest for Glory IV players out there — don’t go wandering around at night! You get locked out of the town, for starters, and all sorts of evil mobs pop out around the place. As with the other games, the clock is always advancing forward and there are different events that happen depending on time and days, so time is a real factor here.

So with my first day over and done, I retire to the inn and chat up the suspicious and somewhat funny locals in the tavern. They mention some sort of jester gnome in town that I haven’t seen yet, so that intrigues me.

The local cemetery is full of Haunted Mansion-style tombstones with amusing epitaphs.

I do bump into a goofy forest… thing named Leshy. His color scheme is giving me headaches already, as is his propensity for riddles and annoying quests. Welcome to the 90s!

Erana has a garden here as well, and it’s a nice sanctuary from the rest of this rather pretty and welcoming country. I plant a tree, pluck some fruit, loot some coins, and even magic myself up a scroll that teaches me the protection spell. More areas like this, please!

Probably the weakest element of the Quest for Glory games is its combat system. A basic turn-based system would have been perfectly fine in these games, but instead the creators tried to make this arcade-style experience that results in a lot of frustrated mouse-clicking and hoping for the best. At least in this game there’s the option to let the computer fight for you, which I’ll gladly take.

Down at the lake, there’s a very, very naked woman frolicking about and asking you to join her in the water. Her portrait is so risque, in fact, that I really can’t post it here, but let’s just say that I spit out my tea because I wasn’t expecting it in this game. And then I laughed, because the game devs are really clever at putting in a trap for puberty-stricken boys here. If you take her up on the offer, she drowns you, because she’s the Rusalka (which I think was a monster in Secret World’s Transylvania but I’m not entirely sure).

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