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LOTRO: Moria slideshow

As any good tourist revisiting old stomping grounds is wont to do, I’ve been screenshotting some of the more interesting Moria sights before I leave this underground realm once and forever. Today — I shall share them with you!

Today’s header picture is a pretty impressive statue that has a Dwarf blowing two horns facing in opposite directions. For the life of me, it looks like they’re coming out of his nostrils/nose hair.

A Moria Dwarf feast — lots of veggies and, I noticed, purple mushrooms. What else are you going to farm down here underground?

Even in 2019, the visual effects of the “light doors” (as I like to call them) in Moria are so striking and well-done. Also, I’m RIGHT. The Dwarf said so.

It’s not a great questing zone, but the First Hall is easily the most beautiful place in Moria in my opinion. Just love the arch stone work and crystal lights. Kind of wish that the 21st Hall looked anything like this instead of the ugly scaffolding that it boasts.

Water-works is probably my favorite questing area, probably because the lighting makes me feel as though I’m outside in twilight or dawn. Plus, it has a lot of really cool vistas and fungus-infected Orcs.

Another view of the Water-works, this one showing off the Romanesque aquaducts that span the area.

And a Water-works tower. This whole region hammers in how much artistry and work it took to make this underground realm.

Probably the best corpse in the game, right here. Lots of skeletons and ugly corpses to be had in LOTRO, but the devs put in some extra work to make this dead dorf particularly memorable. Boy loves his money.

And I’m glad that for us non-raiders or dungeon runners that we get an opportunity to see and fight the semi-revealed Watcher. I’m divided on whether this guy looks cool or dorky, but at least it’s more than just a bunch of octopus tentacles.


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