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Absurdly happy in World of Warcraft Classic

A rational part of my mind kept lecturing me that this was all folly, that I had done this a million times before, that it was just first night excitement, that it would all wear off and leave me feeling like a hollow shell of a gamer soon enough. I think that part of my mind is a party pooper, because I had a blast last evening in WoW Classic — even if I did spend half of my time waiting in lines.

I couldn’t help but get caught up in the hype as the day progressed. I was listening to the vanilla Warcraft soundtrack, rewatched the WoW Classic announcement trailer a few (dozen) times, and arranged everything around the house so that when 6:00 pm rolled around, I might have a chance at playing.

A couple of minutes before the hour, the server button lit up, I clicked, and I was in with no waiting whatsoever. Of course, I was immediately thrust into a seething mass of Gnomes and Dwarves. It was ridiculously comical, the likes I have rarely seen in the game (and recalling faint memories of 2004’s launch). My attitude was relaxed and touristy, more focused on experiencing than progressing. Probably a good thing, too, because trying to complete quests in those first few minutes was an exercise in racing against a barbarian horde, all crushing down on bewildered wolves who lived about 0.1 seconds before they met their doom.

Gradually it got better. I had Questie installed as my sole mod to help with minimap cues, and with that assistance I retraced my steps from long ago. I rejoiced when a six-slot bag dropped, equipped grey gear, and got into absurdly long lines of players to patiently wait to click on slowly regenerating quest items.

It was also a lesson in adjusting to how things used to work in the game. I was perpetually broke trying to afford new spells and pet abilities. I made the solemn journey from Ironforge to Stormwind via the tram to get the flight path. I picked up mining and spent 45 minutes or so puttering around grabbing copper.

And then as the clock neared 10:00 pm, I saw on Twitter that Belghast had formed a Horde guild and I was like… well crud. I hadn’t really connected with anyone over on Alliance, so I bit the bullet and rerolled as an Undead Warlock. I figured I wasn’t in much of a rush anyway, so I’d rather take the time hit and be with people that I like than continue on alone.

Of course, there went my six-slot bag. And my copper. And seven levels. But I consoled myself by reminding myself how much I liked the Forsaken areas back in the day, so it’s not torture or anything to return to this.

4 thoughts on “Absurdly happy in World of Warcraft Classic

  1. “A rational part of my mind kept lecturing me that this was all folly” that right there is a big no no when trying out classic. I was the same way. I can’t play wow for more than an hour at a time, but somehow yesterday ended up playing for 3 and didn’t even get to level 10 🙂 I loved it.

    On a side note… I can’t believe you betrayed the light…. how could you?

  2. “Social elements in MMOs are more important than factional loyalty? I guess?” you sir have gone too far!! That’s probably exactly what Arthas thought… and look what happened to him.

    Also you are absolutely correct. Friends are incredibly important in games and in life 🙂 Looking forward to your write ups.

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