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Losing steam with WoW Classic

Compared to the first week or two of WoW Classic, I can definitively say that I’m losing steam with my eagerness to log in and put in some serious play time with this version of the game. That doesn’t mean I’m done with it… just slowing down. Retail WoW and LOTRO are of more interest to me, so it’s hard to give Classic my all when I just want to log into those other titles instead.

And I guess I keep thinking of the long-term future of Classic, which bugs me. I mean, starting a new character is a lot of fun. Feeling that sense of progression is downright terrific, with talent points and expanding inventory and green gear that feels more precious than any purple in retail WoW. Yet what lies at the end of this road? What happens even midway down the road, when I hit level 40 and start slowing down in that progression, start seeing fewer quests, and start thinking far more about the big dead end wall that waits at the end here?

Maybe my brain has been hardwired to expect at least an illusion of a future from MMORPGs, because I’m having a hard time facing a game that (at least so far) has a stopping point with no development or expansion past that. Would the community — would my guild — pick up the slack to provide the “content” needed to fill this void? Or will I spend a hundred or so hours working on a toon that has no greater future?

Hey! I just saw some of your relatives in retail WoW the other day! They’re far better dressed and give their regards.

Anyway, I’ll get over myself here. I’m not done with Classic, in any case. In fact, I rolled up a new Troll Shaman the other night that I’m really starting to warm up to. My problem with the Tauren Shaman was always the bulk of the character and the thought of having to ride kodos at level 40, so a Troll seems like a better option for the class. Smaller, almost human-like in profile with a bit of punk attitude.

Something that I haven’t seen people talk about much is using questing guides to level more quickly and efficiently in Classic. Back in vanilla, I always used such guides because I hated having to hunt down the odd quest or spend too many hours doing nothing but grinding. Joana’s guide was a go-to for me, and I was pleased to see that it was still around. I was less pleased, however, to see that most of the guide is behind a $37 paywall. I guess if you put in the effort to create all of that, you have the right to charge for it, but that’s a chunk of money that is up there in the “buy a new game” realm for me.

How’s Classic going for you? Picking up steam, losing steam, or full steam ahead? Give me a steam rating on this.

9 thoughts on “Losing steam with WoW Classic

  1. No slow down here – In fact a bit inconvenienced at having to pause my classic adventure to grind for that BEE mount… because, well a BEE MOUNT!
    Just tamed Humar on the RP PVE server (BB) and am now teaching him to survive better – getting my fishing in line with my level and my cooking in line with my fishing while grinding for those “Fletcher’s gloves” materials…

  2. I will be honest, after seeing the cinematic for end of the war campaign, I am even less inclined to play that… Having said that I was never full steam on Classic, I know what this game is, and I know how it felt when it first came out. It is however my home, because I also know what its like to get to max level, I am in no hurry at all. I am enjoying the quests, the scenery and the music. I predict that I will not max out in my life time, and so I don’t really worry about whats in the future. That’s the beauty of this version of the game, I don’t have any place to rush to, any place specific to reach, and I am not a super hero here, I am just a regular dwarf hunter, doing regular dwarf hunter things.

    But you wanted a steam rating and I am regular amount of steam a head 🙂 not sure where that lands on your scale.

  3. Enjoying it more every day. Leveling was a bit to fast for me at the start – the slower pace in the 30s is better. The idea of wanting to level faster makes no sense to me. Sure, if I had several characters at the level cap and wanted to get a new class up there, then I might want to be a bit more efficient, but at this rate that would be a year away.

    Best of all, though, is the way it’s made me think. Haven’t had this much intellectual stimulation for a long time. A lot of that comes from not using any out-of-game information at al and having to work everything out for myself but some is trying to figure out the underlying design and mechanics. I could spend a week just making notes on pathing and respawns.

    As for the idea that Classic is somehow not going anywhere, I don’t get that at all. Where are all the other MMORPGs going? We play them and enjoy them until we get bored or don’t find them fun any more and then we move on to others, don’t we? It’s about the fun we have while we’re playing, isn’t it? I’ll play Classic until I lose interest, then I’ll play something else. Later I might come back and do it again. It’s like listening to music or watching movies or reading a book. You get to the end and stop and later you might do it again. And again. And again.

  4. Pretty much playing every day. Have the flu so some days I just lay in bed and do nothing but a few card games. Found a guild and working on level 20. Might start a gnome engineer type character but for now the shaman is fine. Logged into retail briefly to look around. Just can’t get interested.

  5. Enjoying Classic a lot. Just hit 60 the other day on my Priest. I have a Druid that is nearly 30 as well. I’d say using Questie has been nice. I’ve never been much for guides, I just go to zones I enjoy and Questie makes it easy to grab quests and do them efficiently.

  6. Addons are one of the things I missed about WoW. Questie is a good one, other ones I like are Atlas, Quartz, Totem Timers, Wim, Spartan UI, MapFader, Bartender 4, and Clique. Clique is really good if you are healing, lets you use shift rb lb to cast heal spells. I used to like Carbonite as an all around helpful package for navigation and questing but version for classic is forthcoming?

  7. I came back to WoW last year to play BfA with my brother. I hadn’t played since i left sometime during WotLK. Stopped playing retail for another year and came back to give classic a shot so i could finally understand what Vanilla is like. Super excited at first, rolled a human ret pally but stopped at 20 to go to another server and rolled an orc hunter. Great fun till now… im level 27 and wanting to roll another character because i feel like questing is getting stale. Maybe im not doing enough dungeons.. i think its one of those hurdles i must push through to progress, otherwise i’ll probably end up rolling a tank or healer. Might invigorate my will to play more. Ive only purchased a month of time, as of yet i wont be renewing.

    Steam scale: 1-2-3-4-(5)-6-7-8-9-10

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