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4 Lord of the Rings Online classes I’d play… if I had the time

At least for me, juggling a huge field of alts in Lord of the Rings Online isn’t really feasible. If it was my only MMORPG, then maybe I could push about four or so toons up there, but when any other game is in the picture sharing that time, then I have to limit myself. I’m already kind of toeing the line with both a Lore-master and Minstrel, so while whipping up a new character has that immediate gratification feel to it, it wouldn’t be possible in the long run unless I slowed all progress down to a crawl.

But that can’t stop me from musing about what alts I would play if I had the time and serious inclination. We all have those moments of “grass is greener” envy when we see what other classes can do, and I know that there’s plenty I have yet to experience even in a game that’s a dozen years old.

So here’s a quick list: Four class/race combos that I wouldn’t mind playing. You know. Some day. Probably never. But… yeah.

(1) Beorning Beorning — This is, no doubt, an intriguing class. The human models are a nice step up from the Man models (neat tatts, as well), the shapeshifting aspect has an intrinsic cool factor to it, and the fact that there’s some serious hybrid potential makes it all that much more desirable. Plus, it can lob bees at people, and I’m all about lobbing bees.

(2) Stout-Axe Dwarf Champion — I think that if I wanted a very no-nonsense character that could wade into a pack of mobs and clear it out without too much time or damage taken, this is what I’d go for. Strong AOE plus the new race smell is a powerful combination.

(3) Hobbit Hunter — As you might recall, I very nearly rolled one of these on the progression server, only at the last minute substituting a Minstrel instead. I don’t regret the swap, but the Hunter would have been good too. Travel skills, decoy pets, fast running, and lots of long range damage dealing would be a breezy fun experience.

(4) Dwarf Rune-keeper — I’ve only occasionally seen RKs out on the landscape, but whenever I’ve paired up with one, I’ve been very impressed with the powerful magic attacks and neat light shows that they put on. Plus, the healing totems look way nifty and would kind of feel like I was bringing a WoW Resto Shaman to the fight.

5 thoughts on “4 Lord of the Rings Online classes I’d play… if I had the time

  1. I have many alts in LOTRO but have only made real progress with my Human Champion main. I have a level dinged Captain that I’ve tried to play a few times but I find her almost impossible to connect with in a MMORPG that is so deeply about character journey through zone by zone progress (virtues etc). Otherwise I have most classes in some variant in the 20-30 range. I’d love to make a proper stab at a few of them but time never seems to allow more than one:

    1) Hobbit Warden
    I rather love the unique gameplay and stylings of this class, but mine is in a static duo that’s been idle for many, many years.

    2) Elven Minstrel
    One of the many healers I’ve started to play with a guild. I like the character and class design.

    3) Dwarf Runekeeper
    Another healer that I wanted to play in guild groups. He did get a bit of healer action when I was last active.

    4) All the others
    Seriously it’d be hard to chose between my Dwarven Hunter, my Human Captain mentioned above, my Elven Lore-master or even my Elven Guardian as I’ve played them all in phases when more active in the game!

  2. I started playing a Dwarf Rune-keeper recently (just made it to Moria) and so far it has been a wild ride. Most people were saying to go red-line for leveling, but I tried yellow with all the lightning skills. Not near as much AoE, but I found that trying to manage a group of enemies with stuns in a fight is more fun for me that just burning down a room would be.

  3. Hunters do not have pets, traps yes but no pets. Hobbits also bring nothing to the hunter class, a flop agro dump. Elf hunters bring increased damage to both bow and sword. Race of man brings sword damage and a helpful heal at low levels, as it doesn’t scale. High elf hunters have a helpful res, sword damage, and damage bonus.

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