DDO: The party to end all parties

It’s time to dig into the Fables of the Feywild quests, but after setting my spirit bind with Mr. Unicorn Beard here, I couldn’t figure out where the first quest was sending me. Ultimately, I had to hunt around for a map to the expansion, which did end up pointing me the right way.

The Endless Revels starts out with a party that’s been out of control for too long. Satyrs are raving nonstop in a comatose guy’s home, so it’s up to me to clear them out. I can already sense that this expansion is going to have me beat up a lot of mythical creatures, like the pixies and gnomes in this cottage, and I am cool with that.

While this quest may have a lot of combat, it’s actually structured a lot more like your typical adventure game. To get the satyrs to leave, you have to accomplish a chain of tasks that result in changing the name of the cottage (and thereby voiding the contract that allows the satyrs to party there).

Now it’s time to go on the Wild Hunt to find one of the hags, Beatrice, and see what she might be able to tell me about Lord Arden’s unnatural slumber. On the way, I took this fantastic picture of a giant trying to brain me.

The hunt itself was a wide-open swamp with a whoooooole lot of mobs to kill. It got tedious after a while, to be honest. The point was to track down Beatrice, kill her, and find whatever it was she’s looking for. She mentions in her mutterings that it’s what could help Arden — as if she actually wanted to help him? That was hard to say.

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