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LOTRO: The ballad of northern lights

Even as some of my excitement and enthusiasm for LOTRO questing has shifted over to my regular server Captain, I haven’t abandoned my Treebeard Minstrel as she’s finally making headway in the base game. While I still have a bulk of Volume 1 to do (and Bingo Boffin), the temporary finish line is in view. With a month or so to go before Moria unlocks, I feel I’m on track.

So last week I blasted through one of my favorite Shadows of Angmar zones, Forochel. I never get tired of visiting this beautiful winter landscape with its unique cultures, northern Alaska feel, icy bay, the omnipresent cold, and the Northern Lights. When you’re here, the Shire seems far, far away.

And if you get hungry while questing, hey — free mammoth buffet! Nom nom!

While there aren’t any surprises here for a seasoned veteran such as myself, I enjoyed taking a lot of screenshots and revisiting one of my favorite questlines, that of a failed fellowship that got scattered in this land and needs a bit of a helping hand.

While I was grinding on some mobs for a Slayer deed, I finally hit level 50 — the final level I’m going to see for at least a month. While it was a celebratory moment, I also felt a little disheartened to think of all of the subsequent XP that was going to waste. Wish I could bank it up or apply it to virtue XP or something!

All too soon, Forochel’s meta-deed was done and it was time to head for the Wildwood. I said farewell to the glorious light show and trotted my way south once more.

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