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LOTRO’s Update 32 and the kitchen sink mentality

Right now in the LOTRO community, everyone is pretty much only focused on one thing: the arrival of Update 32 next month. This is the one and only significant release in the first quarter of the year and promises to have a little — or a lot — for many different playstyles.

I wanted to round up the list of features and comment on them, so here we go:

  • Abnankâra raid: Raiders are going to be happy to get a Fate of Gundabad instance, but for the rest of us who don’t have any sort of LFG or LFR tool to get into it, it’s a non-issue.
  • Erebor premium housing: This looks and sounds genuinely cool, and sure, I’d love to get a piece of it. Not sure I’m going to, though, because premium houses come with a premium price tag that’s hard to justify to my premium wife. Plus, I have the Rohan and Gondor houses, so it’s not like I’m hurting for living space.
  • Legendary Item Reward Track: I think I can sum up everyone’s reactions to this by saying, “It’s about time, and I’ll withhold judgment until I see how grinding and/or essential this is.” It’s a huge question mark for the game right now, and I’m not fully confident that SSG can pull it off.
  • Angle of Mitheithel: A new zone, huzzah! A new zone in a level range that doesn’t really need any additional zones, huh. As excited as I am to see a little more of Middle-earth, this feels… superfluous at best.
  • Spring festival: My least favorite festival in terms of activities, although there are promises of new rewards.
  • Unlocks for free players: We just learned that free players can earn extra class, race, and virtue trait slots by leveling in this update instead of paying for them, which is a great move.
  • Currency changes: SSG attempted to float highly unpopular and restrictive currency changes that would, among other things, shunt people to the cash shop. It backed off of this plan “for now,” but that left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

One thought on “LOTRO’s Update 32 and the kitchen sink mentality

  1. Re: Mitheithel as “superfluous.” Yes, there is plenty of content in that range already. But consider: I started Wildwood the other day. As someone who’s played LotRO since 2007, but doesn’t have any characters above 85, that’s **the first fresh content I’ve seen since 2013**.

    The early levels of the game are old – old content design standards, mostly old art. I’m not sure those who routinely play in the level 100+ range really think about how new players and alts mostly still see the game as it existed 15 years ago.

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