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DDO: Off on a wild hunt (or two)

Since I was already in the neighborhood of the Feywild, DDOCentral recommended that I pop over to the Court of the Wild Hunt to do the two new quests that came with Update 53. Why not? Gotta do them all at some point!

“Through the Tulgey Wood” sends me on my first hunt — to track down Hyrsam’s owl advisor. Said owl lies in the middle of a maze of hedgerows that can only be gradually unlocked by finding various levers and jumping through a series of portals. DDO really, really, really likes its levers. You’ll be clicking on more levers in this game than killing, sometimes.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of what was a quest clearly designed to waste my time through this method. I never had to resort to a map, so I guess that’s a good sign, but it’s the very definition of tedious.

That said, there are a few encounters that make the hunt worth it, such as a clearly inspired-by Alice in Wonderland tea party. I also solved a giant purple cow’s puzzle, confused two giant frogs, and eventually powered my way to the owl to get what was mine. (Loot. Loot was mine.)

Speaking of loot, today’s daily golden dice roll paid out in a natural 100. I got a new cosmetic suit of armor, a gobton of XP, and a tome that boosted my DEX from 26 to 32 forever. I am not complaining, folks.

The second Wild Hunt quest is “One Dame Thing After Another,” which reunites me with crazy windmill-fighting knight Dame Alonsa. I like her, even though her voice work (through the DM) is horrible.

This dumb unicorn right here wanted me to do a jumping puzzle. Golly, thanks for that. Aside from how much I generally dislike these, DDO’s unpredictable jankiness makes jumping a dicey proposition. But in my favor was feather falling and boosts to the jumping skill. Took me six tries, got to the top and a rather pathetic chest.

Aside from that, it’s a pretty straight-forward — and uninspired — quest. There IS an “epic chest!” in the middle of a room that turns out to be a faerie illusion that sends me down into a pit of hot mud. That got a whole bunch of pixies murdered right after, let me tell you, followed by the Huntsman’s beast itself. Don’t cry, he had a good life.


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