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LOTRO: Haunted inns and level caps

Minstrel report

Syppy the Minstrel finally wandered into the Mirkwood’s famous Haunted Inn, playing a tune or two while drying off in front of the fireplace. From there, it was off to tackle the dozen or so quests from this hub amid the shadows and shapes of the bare trees. I think that one of the coolest facets of this zone is how much of it is pretty monochrome, leaving you to suck in breath in wonder when you do pop back to a zone full of color.

I guess it’s not completely devoid of color; really, it matters where you are and the weather/time of day. But everything is definitely muted here. In any case, turning in the first batch of Haunted Inn quests brought me up to 62, so I’m making SOME progress!

In between doing inn quests, I popped over to Rivendell to do the new Update 33.1 mission series. Like Bilbo, it was really underwhelming, both in size and narrative. I had all five quests done in 20 minutes or so. Best I can say about them was, “At least I got a chunk of level XP.” They’d probably be a good set to repeat, if you’re looking for that.

Captain report

So the big news this week for my Landroval Captain was that I dinged 140 — a first for any character on any server in LOTRO. But even though I have no more experience to gain (for now), I still have a pile of quests and zones to complete. Onward!

The goal this week was to finish up Stonejaws, and that I did in great style and panache. By that I mean, I stumbled my way toward victory with the pointy end of my sword thrust toward the bad guys most of the time. Hey, if you’re a danger to everyone around you, you might as well use that to strike terror in the hearts of villains.

The final quest was quite a blast as a trio of novice scouts and I stormed a hobgoblin fortress. There were scads of mobs all over the place, but having three combat assistants along made every fight a piece of cake. And I totally loved the quote from the boss fight:

“I still have one advantage, warlord!” “Oh? What’s that?” “Disobedient apprentices!”

Next week: We’re heading outside for the first time in a long time to work through the Câr Bronach zone!

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