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LOTRO: Song-struck with Minstrel changes

It’s back to a week leveling through Gondor with my Minstrel in LOTRO! Look at me, fiercely trying to put out of my mind the impending class revamp and my seething frustration with this studio! I shall pacify my emotions by gazing upon the gorgeous vistas in this seaside nation.

Nothing like kicking off a gaming session by smacking down a Nazgul so it doesn’t spy on Aragorn. NONE SHALL PASS MY HOBBITYNESS!

Shh. I am meditating about a love poem for a hapless NPC while swans fart and poop all around me. This is the kind of dedication that separates the Baggins from the Sackvilles.

Come last Wednesday, Update 33.2 dropped with the big Minstrel changes. With trepidation in my heart, I logged in to rebuild her and see how she performed with the adjustments. I went about 3/4ths of the way into red and dumped the rest into yellow with the intention of getting back to the playstyle that I most like with this class (yells and cries > ballads/anthems/codas).

The end result was more or less what I had before. Less, because Piercing Cry got sadly nerfed. More, because now I had an extra couple of heals and longer anthems at my disposal. I tested this build out on a corsair camp, ripping through it like normal. I can say that I don’t feel any significant difference between dissonance and melody stances, so I’m not really sure why I should switch between them at this point.

And yes, it’s low-key killing me that I’m not making a Hobbit Lore-master right now. But with the mini-expansion coming on November 6th, it makes far more sense to roll up a new character then anyway. I can wait a month and play myself out in the meanwhile.

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