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Guild Wars 2: The ballad of Eerie Emily

I may be weird in this, but January always feels like a month that calls for brand-new characters — with the potential of a full year of adventuring in front of them. And since I already have regular characters I’m doing in LOTRO and ESO, I’ve been fishing about in my oldie MMO bin for another possibility. So for this week, at least, I found myself back in Guild Wars 2.

The last time I played GW2 more regularly than a brief flirtation was a stint in 2020 as I was all fired up to do Path of Fire and make this a main MMO again. And that only lasted April to May, so it’s not like it was one of my hotter streaks with this game. Like most MMOs, a longer return is rather dependent on three factors:

  1. Can I connect with a great community?
  2. Can I identify enticing goals to pursue?
  3. Is the gameplay loop clicking with me?

It’s too early to say here, of course, but I’ll be keeping those in mind.

In the meanwhile, I started over with a new Necromancer named Eerie Emily. If nothing else, mapping the world and doing the storylines will give me a long runway to figuring out what I really want to be doing in this game — and if I’m meant to be here right now.

Setting E.E. up took a good chunk of time spread over two days. There was equipment to be transferred, level boosts to get to 80, gear to be purchased from laurel vendors and the trading post, outfits to be colored, and other stuff to be sold to pay for it all. She’s not top-of-the-line, but she’s got a solid build and a decent beginner set of gear for an 80. Good enough to map, that’s for sure.

One of the perks of re-mapping this entire game is getting to play tourist and poke around the nooks and crannies. Here’s a little library in Divinity’s Reach that I always liked. MAN I wish this game had real housing.


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