The Secret World: 80s fashion show edition


You know me and you know that I throw emoji frowny faces at the presence and use of lockboxes in MMOs. I’m not going to spend real money on them, but if there’s a way to earn them in-game or get one for free, why not? Free stuff is free stuff.

So I’ve been accruing a lot of bonus Funcom points in The Secret World thanks to my grandmaster sub. I have nothing left that I really want to buy, so those points are just sitting there, waiting in vain for the next mission pack to come along. I don’t feel bad blowing a wad of them, then, on the new retro-themed costume packs (along with a few of the other packs, just because I was curious).

I was pretty pleased to get a wide assortment of goofy costume bits, including Terminator glasses (now with glowing red eye!), a headband, legwarmers, one of the tackiest jackets ever (not shown), and my favorite, a neon fanny pack:


ALL HAIL THE FANNY PACK. It brings any outfit together.


I also got a pair of dogs — one fire rescue Dalmation and one police K-9 doggy. Considering that I still have a hypnotic C’thulu as a pet, none of these stand a chance at being used regularly, but still, nice to have.

Picture of the Day: Tentacles


I love it when MMOs occasionally make an enemy mob non-aggroing, because it means that I can get right up close to them and inspect their models and animations without worrying about combat and frantic movements.

This lovely lady was perched about the quarry in TSW’s Blue Mountain, looking down at the giant monstrosity below. You really have to see the tentacles in motion to get the full effect, but it was pretty grotesque and yet picturesque.

A Star Trek Online picture storybook


Once upon a time, Syp got a starship. With it, he explored strange, new worlds, conquered new civilizations, and boldly went wherever the development team told him to go within the mission structure.


Syp learned that the galaxy is a terrible place full of body horrors and space elves. The dead, Syp realized, were often the fortunate ones.


At least Syp got to marvel at the pretty colors and appealing shapes floating in the middle of the nether.


Things kept exploding all around Syp. It wasn’t Syp’s fault. Well, it was sort of Syp’s fault. 10% Syp, 90% photon torpedoes, really.


During Syp’s downtime, the captain would visit the tailor extensively to play Star Barbie Online.


Syp didn’t cause all of the crashes — sometimes ships were just like that when discovered in the wild. Honest.


One time Captain Syp got lost and ended up flying into Hell itself. Next time, Syp vowed, directions would be asked and GPSes would be followed.


Syp was easily amused during shore leave.


Uh-oh! Syp knew that in the Star Trek universe, anyone daring to expose midriffs were undeniably evil. Also, probably a little cold and wet.


Syp particularly enjoyed the brief Terminator 2: Judgment Day crossover. “I’ll be back… when Scotty beams me up.”


One thing was for certain: Captain Syp would defend PopsicleMart to the death, if need be.


Halfway down the cliff face, Syp realized that Starfleet didn’t cram in a rappelling course in somewhere. Gravity quickly took charge of the situation.


And then Captain Syp fought the giant purple space worms to save the galaxy and become the first empress of the Federation. The end.