Screenshot Friday bonanza!


This new ship is all sorts of ominous cool, but I have to admit that I’m starting to miss my old Agent cruiser.


I like how she’s partially hidden in shadow here — just like a good Operative should be.


My youngest has this exact same expression and pose when he’s crapping his diaper in the middle of play.


SCORPIO never stops being kind of terrifying. But I like her anyway.


Pump those crazy legs, Jem! You are truly outrageous!


A giant spider! A first for MMOs!


I love the desolate, wide-open feel this picture captures.


Chasing my shirt in The Secret World. COME BACK HERE!

So much nudity.


How you know you’re a blogger: When a ceiling with sharp spikes is lowering, you go, “Oh hey, let’s get the perfect screenshot!” instead of trying to get out of there.

Happy BTTF Day!


In 2015, we finally have a hoverboard that works on water.

Got my Marty McFly outfit from the races. Wish the boots were smaller, but I guess WildStar can’t show us our calves ever.

Picture of the Day: Battle armor


I was messing around with a new Jedi Sage in SWTOR this past weekend — because blindfolds are all the MMO rage these days — and I gifted her a set of battle-worn armor so that I didn’t have to bear the sight of her running around in a bathrobe.

I just love, love, love this armor because it’s so dinged up. Armor with character is way more interesting to me than shiny, perfect looks. Here there are scorch marks, chunks missing, holes, and all sorts of other points of damage that suggest a sad history for its former user. It’s perfect for a counter-cultural Jedi.

Picture of the Day: New WildStar outfit!

To celebrate my character’s entry into Whitevale, I created a new outfit for her last night. I really liked this chest piece, since it looks slightly mech-y and perfect for a high-tech medic. The chunky boots fit in well with this aesthetic, too. I played around a lot with dyes, going with Twilight for the darker and a light lavender for the light parts. Not going with a helmet for right now.