You have to buy West of Loathing for the spittoon play if nothing else


Picture of the Day: This is not safe what I’m doing

Everyone loves to screenshot that moment kicking the bad guy off the roof of the train in Secret World, but I like this moment right afterward. It’s a small moment of victory, and also I look totally awesome.


Screenshot Friday: WoW, LOTRO, SWL, SoT

I haven’t talked much about Sea of Thieves lately, but every week I’ve been drooling over the videos showing tantalizing glimpses of the game and discussing the various mechanics — most of which sound incredibly fun to me. Can’t wait for this game, and I think my kids might like it too!

Off doing an exploration deed in Southern Mirkwood, came across this pair of trees again. Always thought that this spot was deliciously ominous. The rain helps with the atmosphere.

When it’s snowing in Wildermore and the sun is out, it’s like you’re in a giant, vibrant snow ball. Magical!

What’s in the gift box in Secret World Legends? I’d like to think that it’s a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond. And I didn’t take it, more the fool me.

I was trying in vain to frame the setting sun right behind this walking golem, but he wouldn’t stop moving and I didn’t want to get close enough to aggro. Still, I think it looks rather pretty, don’t you?

Pictures don’t do World of Warcraft’s Lost Islands justice, really. It’s such a relaxing and beautiful setting, plus there’s that great music.

Parachuting into a better life. Those little rips in the parachute always worry me, like the whole thing is about to go.


Picture of the Day: Low polygon count

“Help help! I’m running away from an EverQuest 1 model that escaped into Lord of the Rings Online and wants to cut me to shreds with its sharp polygons!”

Love them old models!


Get out of Middle-earth already, Elves!

GET OUT ALREADY. Just pack up and go, you procrastinators! Couldn’t agree more with this quest NPC.


Important PSA: Don’t eat the worms!


World of Warcraft: still teaching me valuable lessons after 12 years.