Picture of the Day: “Cool” stuff

Following MMO devs can sometimes be an adventure in having straight-up weirdness populate your feed, such as the following:

coolstuffYes, Smed, that is cool. That is so cool, it will be haunting my nightmares until the end of time. Seriously, that… thing on the left will take a year off your life every time you look at it. Don’t look at it again! Don’t! Why would you do that?

Picture of the Day: Silliest mount ever

rabbitmountsI’ve seen a lot — a LOT — of silly and bizarre mounts in MMOs, most of which I can excuse under the pretense of “fantasy” and “fun.” But this one… whew. I’m sorry, I hit a mental speed bump when I saw it and crashed to a halt.

Is this the worst and/or silliest mount ever designed? A giant rabbit?

A few problems here:

  1. Rabbits are prey creatures that are prone to flight and/or freezing in fear when confronted with any predator, which fantasy worlds have in abundance.
  2. Does the rabbit walk/run, which it isn’t designed to do? Or does it hop incessantly, causing extreme motion sickness and whiplash for the rider?
  3. Does the presence of a shirt and hat denote some sort of sentient intelligence going on here, in which case I have to wonder why this smart hare is allowing someone to ride on its back? Or is it just the owner dressing up its pet like a grandma does to her little shivering rat-dogs?
  4. What accounts for the rabbit gigantism in ArcheAge and why doesn’t the entire population eat rabbit stew every night as a result?

Picture of the Day: My SWTOR Stalker

stalker1stalker2With little else to spend my SWTOR money on these days, I decided to upgrade my outfit by puchasing cartel market packs for the Stalker outfit. Again, no idea whether it’s one of those “everyone has it” or “people think it’s dorky because it has a big circle right on the butt, seriously, what was BioWare thinking,” but I kind of like it. It fits the commando-esque vibe of my Operative, and I used a black-and-yellow dye pack I had lying around to give it a cool wasp color scheme.