Picture of the Day: Dwarven poker

dwarvenI’m still playing Tiny Tower Vegas, mostly because it takes about two minutes to do a day and I love building the new floors to see the detailed pixel art that appears. The above floor came to life today and I had a LOTRO-like happy moment over it, especially with the Moria arch. Plus, Dwarves! So awesome.

More tales from The Secret World’s cutscenes

I’m continuing my mission to go back through TSW’s terrific story cinematics and post some of my favorite screenshots:

v1Move over Twilight — THIS is how The Secret World does vampires.  And you should be very, very afraid.

v2That could really be the motto of this entire game.

v3The Vampire Hunter is quite antagonistic to the player character, not because of anything they’ve done, but because of their association to the secret world.  This is one of the notable heroic characters who is not anima-powered but is waging a war against the forces of darkness even so.  I don’t blame him for his bitterness.

v4If only you knew who this kid was.  Really, if only we knew at this point.

v5Sometimes — often times — not everything is explained.  We only get bits of a story and are left to fill in the rest with our imaginations.  That can be even more effective.

Tales from The Secret World’s cutscenes

I was going through my (many) Secret World screenshot folders the other day and realized just how much I screenshot the heck out of the game’s story cutscenes.  Here are a few of my favorites that illustrate a small slice of TSW’s narrative talent:

f1The Boogeyman gets one of the best lines in the game.  Also, that hand.

f2Several of the cutscenes have action going on in the background (which is a rarity in gaming cutscenes, I’ve found).  Here, Nassir does his rifle-pony dance for my endless amusement.

f3Maytag drops a bit of his tragic backstory, oh-so-matter-of-factly.  It’s chilling.

f4The Hell storylines have a weird twist to them.  I still don’t feel bad for the demons, though.

f5Another background action bit — this girl is hacking up a werewolf with a chainsaw while me and this other lady are chatting.  Kind of amusing to me.

f6Nassir and Said so need their own spin-off TV series.  It would be the best thing ever: a movie-quoting freedom fighter and a 1500-year-old sarcastic mummy.

f7Part of what makes this all work is that each character — as weird as they are — have such distinct personalities, perspectives, and speech inflections.  Makes each very memorable.

f8I really liked this story.  Very touching.

f9In this universe?  Nothing.  Nothing is weird about it.

f10The player character never speaks in cutscenes — which is sort of a running gag in the game — but he/she does get to have physical reactions to what’s going on or being said.  I can think of only two times in the game when my character started revving up for some imminent action, and this is one of them: when a girl was being verbally and physically abused by a Morninglight cultist.