Picture of the Day: My SWTOR Stalker

stalker1stalker2With little else to spend my SWTOR money on these days, I decided to upgrade my outfit by puchasing cartel market packs for the Stalker outfit. Again, no idea whether it’s one of those “everyone has it” or “people think it’s dorky because it has a big circle right on the butt, seriously, what was BioWare thinking,” but I kind of like it. It fits the commando-esque vibe of my Operative, and I used a black-and-yellow dye pack I had lying around to give it a cool wasp color scheme.

Picture of the Day: Dwarven poker

dwarvenI’m still playing Tiny Tower Vegas, mostly because it takes about two minutes to do a day and I love building the new floors to see the detailed pixel art that appears. The above floor came to life today and I had a LOTRO-like happy moment over it, especially with the Moria arch. Plus, Dwarves! So awesome.