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TOR Opens The Door For Beta Signups

I’m sure nobody else will post this today, so I guess it’s up to me: Star Wars TOR has officially announced beta signups, and you can go here to throw your name into the hat to be a tester.  There’s also a vague FAQ thing that tells you more or less what you could’ve figured out without it.

So am I going to sign up?  Hm.  I’m actually leaning toward “no”.  I mean, it’s all exciting and whatnot to get into any beta, but that comes with a lot of baggage as well — having your opinion of the game diminished by beta bugs, “spoiling” the launch experience, and spending time with characters you won’t get to keep.  Then again, curiosity is near-irresistable!

8 thoughts on “TOR Opens The Door For Beta Signups

  1. Syp slashdotted the TOR beta signup! If only he hadn’t said anything, their servers would have been fine, but he had to go and open the floodgates!

    Thanks a lot, Syp!

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